Sunday, 27 October 2013

My wheelie bin is upright and my roof is still on.

So the weather men have been telling us for days now to be prepared and I am up and looking out my window and there is not even a breeze in my street. The sun is actually shining and I am up an hour earlier due to the whole clock change. I do love a storm though, as long as I am on the inside.
In Northumberland we may have had the Easterly wind and the heavy snow but I had never seen wind and rain as bad as when I moved to Cornwall. I do remember one particularly stormy night in Alnwick though - New Year's Eve 1984 to be precise.
'The do' was at Nicola's house and we were all 15/16 at the time. The usual suspects were there - myself, Joanne and Clare and we had all been to Safeways to buy our stash of booze that afternoon. It was a windy night to say the least and Clare and I made our way to Nicola's house and I remember that I was wearing very slippy pixie boots and was gripping my glass bottle of Woodpecker to my chest. We went through the Hotspur Tower and turned right and the combo of wind, rain and my impractical boots took me clean off my feet and I fell face first onto the road. I saved the bottle of Woodpecker ( obviously ) and smashed my head against the ground.
An egg soon emerged and this was in the days when people made less of a fuss so I was maybe a little quieter than normal that evening and I ignored the dull ache in my forehead and the possibility of concussion. It made my fringe go askew and to this day I still have a bit of a bump there and my fringe has never been the same since. And all for a bottle of cider!
The night took a bit of a downward spiral after that and there was vomit involved and a few of the rough kids from toon gate - crashed and Nicola got told off by her Mam but all in all it was one of my most memorable new year's.
And the sun is still shining at the moment and I am thinking that this storm is not on the way at all. Maybe tonight when I am retrieving my wheelie bin from down by Barclays Bank and the back yeard has flooded and rats have crawled up my drains then I may retract that statement but at the moment I am remaining positive!
Scales news - I am loving them with all my heart at the moment. I do not wish to divulge what they sweetly whispered to me this morning but I reckon I can pull another loss out of the hat. I need 4.5 pounds to get my next shiny sticker and certificate and in an ideal world I would lose that amount this week, but in an ideal world I would be able to swig red wine, nibble cheese, munch pies and not have to go to fat club in the first place wouldn't I?
And it is half term now which is weird as I do not have any kids at school anymore! M has half term off from college but as I don't really see her that much due to her fantastic social life and independence then half terms just aren't what they used to be. We are going to do some mummy daughter bonding though when our schedules oblige. Today we may join the gym together or we may go shopping or we may just chill out. As yet we do not know.
Final note - this time next week my house will be a cake baking sweat shop. It's all systems go. We have a name for our stall, we have lists and we have plans. Grand plans. I love a grand plan and I have many at the moment which excite me no end. They don't all involve cakes by the way, but the cake one is only the start of it.
Onwards and downwards. Hopefully. And I hope none of you blow away. Actually I would like to see a couple of people blown away or hit by the odd branch, but that is mean and today I will be nice.

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