Saturday, 26 October 2013

Shush Bridget and that ilk and I really need to write something and cardigan talk in the town.

So a couple of nights ago  a good friend told me that she attempted to read the new Bridget Jones book and had to throw it down in disgust as it was well, as Bridget would say 'gaaaaaaa'. I read the first two books  years ago when they were first out and I do admit that I laughed like a drain at Bridget's buffoonery but now she is apparently grown up with kids and a toy boy??? Sorry Bridget but your scattiness has worn thin and we don't really care that you are now a smug married or how many calories you have had.
Which leads me to my next point and question - what really makes a good book?
I have always been a reader but must admit that I have flitted in and out of it for years.
I properly got back into to it with Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code and haven't really looked back although I do feel that my reading tastes have evolved. I like a certain genre of books I suppose, a good old thriller with an evil  psycho , although I do pride myself on the ability of usually guessing who's dunnit quite early on. If I find a book with a decent twist then I love that - I like the writer to catch me out and make me think 'hmmm that was cunning' and if I ever do find that then it's a book I will recommend and will read again and again.
Two such books that have done that for me in the last year are these -
Gentlemen and Players by Joanna Harris
Gillepsie and I by Jane Harris
I am sure these Harris ladies aren't related but one review on Amazon of the latter said that 'the author manipulates the reader' and I couldn't agree more. I was so captivated by the book that I even wrote a review myself.

 It inspired me!

It made me wish that I could write with a twist like that!

And as I sit here waiting for the infamous hurricane to hit the country and turn over all our wheelie bins I am thinking I need to write something down. And quick. There are words bubbling around my brain at the moment and I know I should write a book but I shall let you all into a little secret...............I really don't have the staying power to write anything too long.

That's why blogs , poems etc suit me.

Oh I have the ideas alright, and I even think of characters but it seems such a hard thing to do to make the plot and characters and the writing all work together and then I get overwhelmed and then I give up. I really must try harder.

My friend Nicola lent me a book of short stories a few years ago and we have explored short stories at writing group but then I just want to use more words than my limits and then I get frustrated. I am 45 and I will soon be 46 and I keep asking myself how long can I put this off and I give myself a proverbial kick up the bum.

And yes, I know I am quite amusing ( and I'm not fishing ) but I actually find it quite hard to write down being funny. It's just the odd thing that slips off my tongue, or the odd observation but when I sit and get out my lappy and try and be funny - well I'm not.

So you see, I am being a high maintenance diva angst ridden writer before I even start. Is there any hope for me? Maybe I will stick to the poems. I can do serious as well as amusing ones but they don't get the recognition that they deserve. Not that I write for anyone other than myself - cough cough.

And changing the subject completely and I feel I do need to write this down. I have got a bit of a sad family crisis looming  at the moment. I don't want to talk about it and I am only writing it down because I want to and not because I want sympathy. I have told those that are the most important to me and I bit my tongue when one of them asked me what was wrong today when she caught me looking a bit glum. What I wanted to say was 'you know what is effing wrong' but what I did say was 'oh, well you know'. It isn't like me to be at a loss for words but hey ho, even I have my quiet spells.

Finally on a jolly note - I banged into an old friend in town today that I haven't really spoken to for a year as we both seem to miss seeing each other. We admired each other's cardigans and then laughed because we were like 2 old grannies. Hers was a lovely poncho effect one and mine was a bit of a chunky 80's angular type with one large button. It made me think back to Cardi-gate on Facebook when someone said ''oh no, I don't think so'' on a pic of me in my fave mustard cardigan. I was outraged and deleted her and then even blocked her!

I loved that item of clothing and I cant even find it. I have questioned the spaniels and none of them know anything about it so I will continue my hunt until it comes back safe and sound.

I can do it in between verses and chapters of my best selling work................


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