Monday, 21 October 2013

The joy of a perfect fit and I AM Ian Dury! Now, where are all the blockheads?

So I had a huge grill up. There was bacon involved. I had missed it from my one day of abstinence and it made me feel all warm and gooey chewing it. There are no problems in life that can't be resolved by bacon. I then went to my very pregnant friend's house for coffee and she too was grilling bacon. It's what Sundays are all about.
I  went off to spend a rogue M and S voucher that I had found tucked ( ironically ) behind a tax demand from HMRC in my office.  It has taken a lot of courage for me to type those 4 letter so please bear with me as I may flake.....deep breaths.
Anyway, in my head I knew what I wanted to buy from M and S and I spotted 'it' as soon as I walked in. I didn't try it on I was feeling that confident and I bought it. I also bought some new shoes and a very nice black ( of course ) top and some low fat sausages and some gigantic sprouts. I had M with me and bought her a furry headband type hat and tried to explain that as C isn't that far off she couldn't have anything else. I have no issues with treating myself. I am not selfish, I just think that after years of raising 2 lovely girls who have never gone without, it's time for me to have some nice things too. And I worked hard. And I'm worth it.
When I got home I prepared myself for the mental and physical ritual of 'the trying on'. It looked too small but I persevered and YES IT FITTED!
Ok, it may have been a little 'snug' but it fitted and I reckon in another 4 or 5 pounds time I will wear it with confidence. It is now hanging next to minging dress on the outside of my wardrobe to remind me of my goal. It's good to have goals.
I am off swimming this morning with Louise my lovely fat club buddy. We are fair weather swimmers and only want to go where the water is warm and the sauna is operational. We are trying out Tregenna Castle today and it is still pitch black outside and pouring with rain but no pain no gain is what I believe they say.
My scales have obviously taken a dislike to me and I am the same weight as last Wednesday so I have 2 days in which to get them and myself moving. I am no carbing today and tomorrow so hopefully that should give me a boost as I think a maintain for 2 weeks on the trot may tip me over the edge and make me reach for a pie.
And I have even thought about C - December 25th!
It was when I was in M and S and they have pulled out all the stops to make it look festive. I am a cynic, I don't get pulled in usually but yesterday I fondled scented candles and looked at stollen cake and overpriced bubble baths. I have made a list of who I need to buy for and it is surprisingly short. Small family, virtually no cousins etc and the girls are getting a new car to share* so they know there will not be tons under the tree. All I want is a polka dot scarf and world peace and my minging dress to fit and you cant wrap the last 2 up can you?
Last C due to my imminent horrible following 6 months ( I saw quite a bit of it coming ) I was at an all time low and I am determined this year not to be such a miserable cow. I have already been invited to parties, there is a murder mystery night being planned, our 1950's cake bonanza, I am getting on a plane in the next couple of weeks and I am going to the Welsh metropolis to see H.
As Ian Dury would have said - these are all reasons to be cheerful.
* No you haven't misread this. I am getting the girls a car - TO SHARE!
Sylvia number 2 is being hunted for at this very moment. H will need wheels when she comes home and soon after that, M starts lessons. I have also worked out that H has been driving long enough to sit in with her little sister. As I Have already quoted Ian Dury, I feel the only song lyrics that will be apt with regard to this car malarkey will be from the Kaiser Cheifs.
'I predict a riot........'

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