Thursday, 3 October 2013

I didnt have a pasty and goodbye to an old friend.

So last night's book group has been and gone for another month. It was a great night, as usual and the Cornish buffet was tucked into by all...............apart from me!
 I had a sausage roll, some cheese and crackers, 4 crisps and lots of grapes and cherry tomatoes. Most of the stuff there was either cakes or pastry and I managed to resist. I didn't even have a pasty. My halo is glowing. I just hope that it doesn't slip.
And choke me.
There was mixed reviews for Patrick Gale and his 'Rough Music'. I felt that I should have enjoyed it much more than I did due to the fact that he is a local author and I am for all things Cornish but my feelings on  the book  were that he took a terrible long time in writing a story that wasn't particularly interesting. The twist wasn't that twisty and there was a bit near the beginning that made me thing ''oh purleeeease'' as it was quite far fetched and unbelievable.
It was however, redeemed in places by some beautiful episodes of writing but for me, it just didn't make up for the less interesting bits in what was a story that could have been cut down to a half of its' length without losing any of 'the plot'.
And despite the fact I didn't enjoy it, it did provoke a good and lively discussion which is undoubtedly what we want from a book group and in all fairness I have read some absolutely brilliant books in the past which I would be loathe to choose to discuss as there isn't that much you can say about them.
Now I am out again tonight at the pub around the corner. It is what you would call a 'spit and sawdust' pub and whilst I am far from posh, well it's not really my scene. It is apparently very cheap though so the drinks will be flowing and I am being joined by some very funny ( not quite as funny as myself ) people so I am sure there will be laughs a plenty.
I have hopped on the dreaded scales today and am up a pound. I attribute that to the fact that I ate late last night as I don't think a sausage roll and some cheese would make me gain  a pound. I am out again on Saturday for H's birthday meal and have chosen ridiculously healthy options from the menu. I want another shiny sticker next week and need a pound and a half to get one so I am one determined lady.
My dress also fits for Saturday and my new shoes arrived too. I cant walk in them but will hobble slowly down to the restaurant and try to avoid any slipping.
And finally we say goodbye today to Sylvia , H's little Ford KA. She was pronounced dead by Chris our friendly mechanic yesterday and is shortly going to that big scrap yard in the sky. It's a sad day. It's also hard to believe that she made it to Cardiff and back twice  in the space of just over a week and her engine and electrics are fine, it was the rusty bodywork wot dunnit.
Goodbye Sylvia - may your thoughts of trips up and down the M5, around the winding lanes of Cornwall, the sleeping place for many a young farmer and their friends and your ferrying of dogs and horse type equipment up and down to the fields stay with you.
You were a true lady right to the end.

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