Wednesday, 30 October 2013 good they named it once.

So today I lost another 3 and would like to officially announce that I am now the lightest I have been for 9 years!!!!!! Lighter than when I won my coveted sash and the 'Woman of the Year' competition and it feels fab. I arrived home to some online clothes shopping parcels and I have a non minging dress that will look fab at any party over the festive season and a couple of other things that I cant wait to wear. I also won 'Slimmer of the Week' and a bag of things. At any other SW class this bag is normally full of fruit but it's Redruth so there are other items in there that I am not sure are conducive to the ethics of Slimming World! Never mind , it's the thought that counts.
And even though I have been going to this fat club for 8 weeks today was the first week that I actually stayed to the motivational talk afterwards. They are certainly a lively bunch and a certain friend who came with me had to turn her head away from me a couple of times as she was laughing so much.
1. The Witch. I sat next to a woman with the same name as me. She was dressed as a witch, presumably as tomorrow is Halloween ,  but you never know with Redruth. She was spinning me a few yarns and my 'friend' was encouraging her in her new found love for me. She had an open sore on her hand which she sucked and then started picking her nose. I had turned away by then but I could see her fingers in my peripheral vision. Those that know me well, know that I can be a little squeamish so it was a good job my tummy was empty is all I am saying.
2. Redruth tweaking. I am not a fat club Nazi but there are certain bits you should adhere to in order to ensure and protect weight loss. I loved what some of the ladies there eat! Pot noodles, Slim a Soups, you name it....... I was almost scared to mention my mashed cauliflower.
3. The strange foreign man. Don't know who he was but he took a fancy to my friend. He came and asked her name and I think love could blossom.
4. The lack of attention span. Now I have been to many classes when people whisper to each other and have the odd fidget but some of these lot were answering their phones and having full blown conversations whilst poor old Margaret was saying she had been eating crisps and no fruit.
5. The general camaraderie was good though. They are a warm and welcoming community. We have put our names down for their Christmas 'do'. I personally cant wait - if only to see what they all wear and if my namesake turns up as a shepherd or an elf or a fairy.
It's all good clean ( ish ) fun and I have to lose a pound and a half next week to get that all important one and a half stone shiny sticker. I have one dinner out and one lunch out and I am very determined. I also have a gum infection I think and am seeing Casual Nick this afternoon where I reckon a nice strong dose of antibiotics will put paid to any alcohol for me for the next week.
This will be fine. I will not miss it. I have cakes to bake and things to do and people to see so it will be fine.
And finally - M and her friends went out to Redruth last night to 'Zone' the nightclub for a Halloween party. I love listening to the funny stories of what they got up to, but I have to say that the fact M came home wearing a poncho and a St Ives school tie amused me no end.
Ah to be young again. Young and free in Redruth. What a scary thought.

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