Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Boots - I bloody love them! Gums - I dont love them..... apart from wine gums - I do love them.

So today I don't love my scales quite as much as yesterday as I seem to have found a pound. I am positive that by tomorrow it will be gone plus another ( with any luck ) and I am not going to spend my day hopping. Just hoping.
I have been working this morning and it was quite warm and the minute that I had to come home, the heavens opened. I got drenched. I don't ever wear a hat apart from to weddings and my coat didn't have a hood and umbrellas annoy me so I got well and truly drenched.
I don't care though - my new boots arrived!
 They are fabulous. I love them. I want to wear them as soon as possible and parade them round town. My flip flops and deck shoes will be thrown to the back of my wardrobe and my lots of lovely boots will stand proud at the front and greet me each morning. My new ones have a slight fur trim and I have to say that I think they are one of the most beautiful pairs of boots I have ever clapped my eyes on. Ever.
As it's weigh in tomorrow I had no carbs yesterday and tonight I have the most evil meal in the world and it's a stir fry. I hate stir fries. They are boring and repulsive but even I cant do another night of mashed cauliflower. I had some last night and it actually started to swell up in my mouth a bit towards the end of the meal. At least it's a whole week until I have to subject myself to it again.
And I am giving in and seeing my dentist! Casual Nick the lovely Welsh man will sort me out. I have sore gums and not sore teeth and I will be brave as he is always so very gentle and it will cost me a bomb but I cant live with the pain and the agony any longer. And yes I have self diagnosed and I now acknowledge that I need professional help.
On a final note - M and her friends are off to a Halloween party at 'Zone' tonight which is a nightclub in Redruth , the home of my fat club and errr, not much else. She is 'having a few round for pre drinks' beforehand so it looks like I will be banished tonight from venturing out of my lounge. I may cause embarrassment and I may have to tell them to keep the noise down or in all fairness, my gum problem may be more Halloween than their costumes.
Everyone cross their fingers for me for tomorrow.

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