Sunday, 6 October 2013

Back to normality and time for a little detox I think.

So H goes back to Cardiff tomorrow and she has had a marvellous birthday weekend. There have been lots of laughs, a few hormonal tantrums - ( 3 women, one shower, one set of hair straighteners ) but all generally good. Me being the diet devil that I am haven't been great but on the plus side I actually haven't been that naughty either.
Alcohol is a tricky thing.
At fat club you are meant to count any booze as 'syns' but I have mixed views about this.
It's all about moderation and although some would say that I am whaffing down a tipple every 5 minutes ....well I'm not. I do have a drink most days but it's generally a vodka with lots of ice and diet coke and everyone knows that booze that looks like water isn't as fattening.
Now merlot on the other hand? Oh that rich fruity red naughty drink is full of calories and that's why I haven't had any for a month.............until today when I had 2 glasses with my roast .
Yesterday I was good all day and even had hake with vegetables at H's meal. It was surprisingly meaty and not a chip or piece of bread past my lips. I did have lots of fizzy stuff though but I declined the chocolate cake and when I hopped on those beastly scales this morning I hadn't put on an ounce. Hooray.
Today we had a carvery at the pub round the corner. I had soup to start as my body and mind were crying out for something warm and comforting and I gave in and had a small breadroll. The main meal was turkey and heaps and heaps of vegetables with some gravy and 3 fat roast potatoes on top. I only ate 2 of them and am feeling quite virtuous for once in my life.
My dress fitted, my chest did look huge, my chest is huge so who cares? M told me that I might want to think about wearing a vest with it but I didn't. I couldn't walk in my shoes. At all. They came off for the thankfully short walk home. And now? I am feeling very tired and in the need of some rest.
I think my shiny sticker for a stone is still doable. I have 2 days left to get my arse into gear and am planning on having lots of fruit, yogurt, lean meat and WATER.
I fitted into another dress today and people said that apart from my eye bags I look nice so this is motivating me. That and the fact that I see my mother for the first time since May 2009 next weekend. I am nervous. It could go either way. She will tell me that I am looking ill or tired or stressed and this will have the effect of making me feel ill and tired and stressed. I don't know why she does this but she does and I need to be at my strongest to deal with this.
I am divulging too much now. This blog today is primarily about my food plans for the next 2 days and not about an imminent meltdown with my last parent.
I will stay chipper. I like the new positive me - it's the proper me and I hated the me that the first half of this year made me become.
Onwards and hopefully downwards. I have approximately 64 hours in which to lose a pound and a half.

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