Tuesday, 22 October 2013

I have worked so hard that I deserve a loss - just saying! Oh and cakes!

So my cow of a set of scales can't make their minds up. I am either the same as last week or if  I kick them towards the loo I am a pound down. I am snarling a bit. I know I should look at the big picture but I am being a total fat club brat and I don't care.  And yes, I also know that I shouldn't do this continual hopping, but I do and I am not going to stop now.
No carb has passed my lips since Sunday. I have eaten clean fresh food and lots of fruit and have also drank pints and pints of water. My life is ruled by the nearest loo and that awful minging dress is still hanging on my wardrobe door watching my pain and angst. I even went swimming for god's sake!
But tomorrow I will go to fat club and if it says I am the same weight as last week I will be brave. If  I was to get all weepy the Redruth ladies may hug me and want to sell me their hand knits and at the moment my personal bubble is huge and I'm not a fan of wool. I shall leave with my self esteem intact.
On a jollier note I am off to Leanne's tomorrow night to talk cakes! I am taking my bottle of Polish vodka that Marek brought me back and depending on the outcome of tomorrow maybe even a takeaway too. We have grand plans and our stall is going to be amazing! I cant bake but I can pimp a stall and I could sell snow to eskimos so it simply cannot fail to be a success. I like cakes but I have to say that if I had a choice between cakes or chips then the chips would win hands down. I think it's the sight of cakes more than the taste that gets my buds flowing.

So on that note I am going to just go with the flow tomorrow. There is no point getting stroppy as I am sure that it will come off next week. I will smile at the Redruth ladies and take it on the chin. You never know - a miracle may occur overnight and so I will wait and see.

And maybe when I go to bed I will give that dress a swift swipe of my hand so it falls in a crumpled heap on the floor...........


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