Friday, 18 October 2013

Projects in the offing, the joy of a drop , big fat cakes and the final countdown.

So yesterday I was in wonder woman mode. No, I wasn't wearing a cape and deflecting bullets with my bangles but I just cracked on with everything that needed to be cracked on with and that meant I could escape in the afternoon and have a catch up with a good friend and discuss a few ideas that are floating around my already too busy brain. I cant say too much yet as it's early days but if it's something that can be pulled off then I shall feel creatively nourished. Plus, now that the nights and mornings are pitch black I need something positive to focus on. It's what keeps me relatively sane.
My scales must be feeling the love for me at the moment because when I did my ritual hop this morning I had dropped a pound! I didn't kiss them as such, but I did smile cheerily and think 'keep going in that direction baby'. I am out for a meal tonight but have pre chosen and I think now that I have gone down that I will stick to the spirits as opposed to some fizzy prosecco or  a mahoosive glass of rich , dark, fruity cheeky merlot. It can be done.
And for all of you dieters out there I am going to tell you one of the best bits about losing weight.
It's the ability to wear things that you want to wear as opposed to wearing what you have to wear. Yesterday for example I dragged a pair of jeans out of my bottom drawer. I bought them 2 years ago when I had initially lost my 4 stone and I think I wore them about twice. I have looked at them several times over the last couple of weeks and thought there was no way I would fit my rear into them but yesterday.....................I pulled them on, slid them up, zipped them and felt fab!
And I could breathe / walk / bend over too! As a friend of mine would say - 'awesome'!
So tonight as I get dressed I will decide what to wear there and then. I know that minging dress is a long way off and even if it did fit I wouldn't wear it anyway but I have several other things in my wardrobe to pick through.
Now on to non diet type things. A friend of mine is holding a table top sale in the church hall in a couple of weeks. I have persuaded Leanne that we should do a cake stall. Leanne bakes great cakes and I don't but I have a daughter that does. We are going to pimp our table with bunting and we are going to make it look lovely and all money taken is going to be donated to cancer research in honour of a very lovely and brave lady that we are both friends with. I am sure that it will be a total blast. I am not thinking about what will become of any left over cakes as they will be so delicious that there will be none and even if there is then I am sure Leanne's 3 growing boys or M can eat them.
And as I am sure none of you could possibly have forgotten - but today is my last day as a meat eater for a week! I can see Sunday being a bit of an issue when I don't have my customary grill up with all the bacon and low fat sausages but a deal is a deal and I will not crumble.
 I am not a fish fan but I have a feeling that I shall be bonding with it in no time at all and I'm sure there are hundreds of things you can do with a can of tuna.
And no, please don't give me any recipes.
And no, there will definitely be no quorn.
Or tofu.

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