Sunday, 20 October 2013

I am a failure but on the plus side I'm having bacon!

So everyone that knows me well will know by now that if I screw up then I will raise my hands and take it on the chin. I am not cut out to be a vegetarian. That's it really. I tried all day yesterday and managed it all day yesterday but as I shovelled the last bit of dahl into my mouth I said to myself -
''Liz - get a grip. You need bacon.''
I know that the British Heart Foundation is a charity close to my, well, heart, and I have given them numerous items of clothing over the years, I raised £400 for them a couple of years ago by losing weight, and I think I would quite honestly just pull the money out of my own purse than have to go another day intentionally missing the all important meat part from my meal.
And before any of you vegetarian readers get all moralistic ( and believe me , some of you are very moralistic ) there are several days in a month that I don't eat meat but that's because I choose not to and not because I feel I shouldn't.
There was a little bit of controversy late last night when discussing with a few others the price of meat. I would like to point out that I nearly always buy locally sourced meat where the cows have smiled and the pigs have snorted and the lambs have frolicked. Yes it's dearer, but it's also nicer. This then lead into a little bit of a self righteous rant from a certain someone re money and the cost of food.
 She is the  friend of a friend and  commented on a post on Facebook saying that she hasn't eaten meat for 30 years and that all families get free school dinners and that most of the people that use food banks smoke and she wrote - 'FACT' next to these comments so I have politely requested that she sends me the links to these 'facts' and I am willing to bet it's from The Daily Mail.
 My breath is literally baited for her response.
Anyway, yesterday when I was still a vegetarian I went to my least favourite place ever - Tesco and this was my trolley.
I actually don't mind Linda's sausages but I must have had a moment of madness when throwing the quorn roast in there. Why did I do it??? You may also notice that it is next to a chicken and even though it isn't local and organic , it is what will be going into my mouth tonight with gravy, roast tatties and veg.
So there you have it. Liz's 'facts'. I like meat. I eat a lot of it but sometimes I don't. I am still trying to lose weight and couldn't see how I could go meat free, mainly bread free, milk free and carb free , which is what I always do on a Monday and Tuesday, and remain sane. I know there are problems with mass farming and I don't like seeing Norfolk turkeys get battered by nasty farm workers either, but this doesn't make me the anti-Christ. I am sure a lot of things that I have done in my life may, but my consumption of meat is not one of them.
And let's move on .......................very quickly before I switch on the grill.

I am going swimming! It was going to be today but it is now going to be tomorrow. I am not joining the gym. I am going to go early mornings and I am going to go at least 3 times a week. I am going to make soup today and I am going to visit a very pregnant friend who has bizarrely requested that when she has her home birth I could be around and maybe 'help'.

I am not known for my skills of efficiency in any form of medical incident so am not sure what I can do to help but I will be there.

I shall be on tea making duties..............or maybe bacon grilling ones?

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