Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Shiny stickers, petrol trauma, lost in Redruth and me being a potential masochist.

So I lost another 2! This made me whoop very loudly. The Redruth ladies in all their finery whooped with me. They are very nice and it just goes to show that you shouldn't judge a local by their town.
I did my usual petrol risk and thought that I would have enough to get me there and back but the arrow was dangerously near that EMPTY mark so I asked the Redruth ladies and a man outside where the nearest petrol station was......... *
''Ere my lover, you go straight across the road and you can't miss it. It's right by Tescos''
Hmm - not the best directions ever as ''straight across the road'' is not really an option. There is a junction and many winding lanes. I obviously took the wrong one as not only could I not see a Tescos after a few minutes, I couldn't see any forms of civilisation either. I luckily happened upon a roadside garage with one solitary pump outside. I asked if they sold petrol and young Denzil or Jethro even filled the car up for me. I felt like a right patronising bitch asking if they took cards and Denzil/ Jethro nodded at me eagerly. I drove away quickly and then got lost. I am not going to lie, I was afraid...........very afraid.
Returning home 2 hours after leaving the house I had a much needed coffee and calmed myself. I had remembered to pick up the book group pasties on the way home and drop them to Leanne along with cake and I have to say they were smelling ansum. I am going to have one pasty tonight and not drink much. I got a shiny sticker for my fat club book today and that means more to me than a cream tea..........
Anyway, as though it's not emotionally traumatising enough having a nearly 21 year old as one of my offspring, I then had the idea of texting Lovely Lovely Nick ( LLN ) H's driving instructor saying ''Hi Nick, H's lovely little sis is 17 in 3 months - can I book some lessons'' and LLN has left me a voicemail saying he would ring me later and get her booked in. I am a wreck.
The mad thing is that on H's first driving lesson I joked to LLN that I would soon be ringing him for M. That was 4 years ago and the 4 years is now up!
I am going to be brave.
I am going to eat some fruit and drink water. If I lose a pound and a half next week I will get yet another shiny sticker and shiny stickers are always good, So are graphs. I am making one for my fridge. I am very determined. I haven't tried on 'that' dress and my breasts from where I am sitting don't look any smaller , but where there's a will there's a way.
Onwards and downwards...............

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