Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Nothing compensates for green tea more than a shiny sticker and certificate!

So after 5 weeks of being back in the zone I got my stone award. I whooped and I 'booshed' and I may have said 'amazeballs' but there again maybe I didn't and I just got a photo of myself holding my shiny goodies instead.
I needed one and a half pounds off to get my stone award and lost 2 so I was even more chuffed and despite the fact that I have swigged lots of sugary prosecco I lost it because I did the following........
1. I didn't have a 'treat' after I weighed last Wednesday.
2. I resisted the chilli at The Ritz on Thursday - I had had my dinner and wasn't hungry.
3. I had hake and vegetables at H's meal on Saturday and it was actually lovely.
4. I hardly ever eat bread.
5. I didn't have any birthday cake.
6. I only had 2 potatoes at the carvery on Sunday .
7. I had no carbs on Monday and yesterday. This went as far as me having mashed cauliflower with chicken and veg last night for dinner. It tastes nicer that it sounds and with a bit of cheese in it is lush.
8. I wore no knickers to weigh in.
So it's really that simple.
And if I am coming across as a smug diet bore that is because I am all too aware that at any time on any given day it could all go horribly wrong and I could be stuffing a pasty in before you could say 'pastry, Liz, really????'
I am off to Brizzle for the weekend on Saturday. I am seeing the mother. I am not sure whether she will feed me or not and this worries me. I can cater for myself and if she does cook for me she will probably make me something made of suet and with lots of butter. She is the reason I am brainwashed by fat club and feel the need to pay £4.95 a week to be told I am still overweight.
But onwards and downwards it's still good.
I may even whip my tape measure out to see where I have lost this stone. I had a cheeky measure a couple of weeks ago and my vitals had changed slightly in that I had lost an inch off my waist and 2 inches from my hips but had put an inch onto my chest. maybe it's just transferring itself from one part of my body to the other and it's actually somewhere like my fingers or ankles that I have lost it from? What a depressing thought!
I am now going to go and buy a salad from the deli. This is next to and opposite 2 bakers shop but I will stride past determinedly with my potentially thinner nose turned away from the tempting smells.
I wont even have a sneaky glance. 

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