Thursday, 31 October 2013

Teeth, trauma and treadmills. And cakes.

So I went to see Causal Nick and he was lovely and gentle and listened to my self pitying tales of woe. I was in there for ages and he was very thorough.
 I am officially teething.
 My bottom wisdom teeth are trying to cut through and I have antibiotics and after further gum prodding, I am also 'run down'. I told CN about my ghastly first half of the year and the whole lack of sleep issue and he told me to take a multi vitamin and come back next week. I wanted to cry a little bit but he assured me , that just like Bob the Builder, he can fix it and I wont end up with no teeth. It was nice to have him tell me this and I feel a bit better already with his expert knowledge still ringing in my ears. Sometimes you just want someone like Casual Nick to take charge and I am going to let him take charge and make my mouth, gums and teeth a happy place.
I can drink no alcohol with these tablets. Well I could but I just know that I would be the Daily Mail statistic and end up choking to death after a glass of prosecco so I am on day 2 of being booze free. It's not so bad really. I am out tonight for a catch up and dinner and I will be fine sipping water with my steak and greek salad. I will be fun and bubbly and will not have a headache in the morning.
I also went to the gym for my induction. Martin was my personal trainer type person and we had a laugh as I tried not to perspire too much and gasp for breath. It's a nice gym and the view is fabulous. There was no super fit gym bunnies there, just me and a couple of old people. Oh my god - am I one of those old people? Only time will tell. I did quite enjoy it though and the walk home looking at the sea and I will be going again in a couple of days.
I spoke to Leanne this morning and she is having a nervous cakedown. All she thinks about is cakes. Her house is already smelling like a bakers , but I, in true Liz style, work best under pressure and there will be no buns or anything in my oven until Sunday morning. I am planning on a late night trip to Tescos on Saturday night to buy everything I need and my trolley will be bursting with eggs, flour, sugar, butter and other cakey things.
Our biggest concern is that we wont sell any/many and we will be left with tons of the sweet little bad boys. I am hoping that this wont happen as I simply cant have them in my house. They are too tempting and plus, I like looking at them rather than eating them and it will be a waste. This is not going to happen though so I am not going to give it another thought.
And finally - tonight I am going out to the very basic pub around the corner after my steak and greek salad and water. Debbie is playing pool against Naughty Billy and it is his Mum that I am dining with. His even naughtier twin Sam will be there too and I imagine there will be banter galore. Lots of banter - just no alcohol.
Bring it on!

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