Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Bop Bopa-a-lu a whop bam boo

So my worrying and obsessing was all for nothing. I lost 2 pounds! I adore my scales but I adore the official ones more. I am over the moon. I know I am going on about it but I don't care. And this loss of 16.5 pounds in 7 weeks is no fluke - I have worked very hard and no chocolate has passed my lips in that time. Not one piece! Nil. Nada. Nowt. Oh and very little red wine either!
And so begins the road to 'target'. One and a half stone left so that I will finally be happy with my weight. I have calculated ( obviously! ) that by losing a pound and a half a week that I should hit target the day before my 46th birthday. How good a present will that be?
And on the subject of target weights etc here is my opinion.
Don't look at the charts which tell you that you're over weight / obese / healthy or whatever. Don't even look at the scales that much and I know this is rich coming from me but nothing can spell out weight loss more than the way your clothes fit and the confidence that you gain from having that brilliant feeling.

I am focussed at the moment but I know that at any given time I could crumble more than an apple crumble with custard. It's always in for me to reach for a pie and the feeling doesn't ever go, you just need to know how to control it and eat like a 'normal' person.

Any serial dieter will know exactly what I mean by the 'normal' reference. I love food and even when I am on a diet I still love food. I just have to know when to stop. I started my new rule a while ago with regard to meals out when I used to say to myself if after my starter and mains I am still hungry, then and only then will I have a pudding. Of course I rarely am still hungry so that's why sticky toffee puds are a thing of the past. I am not kidding myself when I say that I will never eat one again but why eat if you are genuinely not hungry? Oh and my main new rule to myself is - by eating a mars bar you will not mess up your whole week. It is one mars bar. Get over it.

So maybe there is a new me within? Maybe I have cracked it?

I am only human as are all of us and I hate the fact that I need to pay £4.95 a week to be weighed. I buy into their jargon, their books, their cereal bars but it's something my inner geek needs. Some form of discipline is good and if we could all lose weight at home and on our own then there would be no multi million pound diet industry.

So for any of my diet buddies that may be struggling, here are my words of wisdom with regard to my own journey on Slimming World,  written in the form of a list.

Bread is not bad - but what you put on it generally is - so try and limit it.

Red wine is lush but is not good so drink clear spirits or prosecco.

Vegetarianism sucks. Eat meat!

Don't waste your money on pricey low fat cooking oil sprays. Get an empty spray bottle and fill it with olive oil. A few squirts will not make you put on weight.

Lay off the carbs before weigh day. It works!

Don't buy food that claims to be low fat - it's generally full of sugar.

Have a treat by all means but only because you want to and not because you feel you have to.

Throw out your fat clothes.

Hang a minging dress on your wardrobe.

Ditch milk - cheese is so much more fun.

Measure yourself regularly.

Keep attending a class. There will always be someone fatter than you that will make you feel automatically good.

Remember that yogurt mixed with eggs does not make a nice white sauce so don't expect too much - or from any other recipe really.

And most importantly? Don't be too healthy - a blob of mayo here and a drizzle of gravy there will make your meals taste so much better.

It's really that simple!

Onwards and downwards.


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