Monday, 28 October 2013

There WAS no effing storm and I am off to the gym

So I hardy slept a wink last night! You know why? I lay awake listening for the hurricane and I could see the lamppost outside my bedroom window wobbling slightly and I worked out in true geek fashion that if it fell it would come through my window and I would be a goner. I did fall asleep eventually and when I woke up there was nothing to suggest there had been a storm at all. That will be because there wasn't one. No more storm talk please. It's dull.
And I went to the gym!
I know I know, I am fickle. I am a fool but I went. I didn't actually do anything but I have signed up for my free personal training consultation for Thursday morning. Ironically, the chap that works at the new gym , or the spa as I shall call it from now on, is the same chap that used to work at the old gym that I first signed up with. He laughed when he saw me and I laughed too but he said well done for losing weight and he is lovely and he will train me..........apparently.
And for all you cynics out there that think that I am fibbing - well here is a photo of me -
I have no idea what I am going to do with those big balls but I know that by 10.45 am on Thursday I will and it rather excites me.
I did go for a swim and it was lovely. The water was warm, it was CLEAN and the Jacuzzi was wonderful and so was the steam room and the sauna.
I would also officially like to announce my current love affair with my scales. They were very very nice to me this morning and I am hoping they will continue to be so tomorrow and of course, Wednesday. I want my next shiny sticker and I want it now.
M also joined the gym, whoops I mean spa, and she reckons that we are off there tomorrow morning at 8am for an invigorating start to the day. At this precise moment I am up for it but quite how I will feel tomorrow is a different matter. I really need to sleep at some point tonight and am hoping that now the Met Office have calmed the hell down then I will and I will therefore be off and out early to be healthy.
The town is rammed again for half term and I have a busy weekend coming up and then it's November and it's the quiet season once more. I have decided the trick with me in order to combat my low spells is to keep busy and I have all sorts of things lined up that will make me smile. Oh and the spa of course.
Next big thing is the cake stall. M is experimenting tonight in the kitchen with a blueberry and lemon tray bake. I have said it before and I will say it again - that girl is a feeder and thankfully this time she has a couple of friends round so they too can benefit from her baking and it wont be my fat bum that suffers. Leanne has got a lovely Boden dress to wear on the day and I have a rather gorgeous 'tea dress' that I think will look ok as long as I don't bend too much, breathe a lot and I wear big knickers. I wont have a chance if I actually eat any of the cakes so maybe I will hang it on the outside of my wardrobe alongside minging dress and THAT item of clothing I bought last week.
And walking back from the spa I saw the girl fromWarrens the bakers outside shouting 'doughnuts for 50p' at passers by. This is what they do - they flog all of the stuff cheap that cant be eaten tomorrow. I brushed past her hurriedly and then wondered if myself and Leanne will be doing the same thing one week from now outside the Guildhall?
I sincerely hope not!

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