Friday, 4 October 2013

How much????? Oh and smelly dogs. Oh and a heart warming bit.

So I visited 'that' pub last night. I togged myself up, I waited for Paul and Colette, I listened to the roar of fire engines heading off to a big fire on the harbour and when I walked in I got a little round of applause. I had nice boots on and I didn't go in my cherry picker. I mingled with the locals and I sat with Debbie's pool team who were all really lovely.
I have to say that I was somewhat surprised at the cost of drinks in there............£2.50 for a double vodka with diet coke. I thought the barmaid had got it wrong and even questioned her but was assured that was the right price. This made me happy. I only spent about £9 last night and came away with a definite sway in my stride. Even the boots couldn't steady me.
The price also explained why a lot of the people that go in there get very drunk. I am off to one of the bars on the harbour tomorrow evening before H's birthday meal and I can guarantee that the price of a drink will be at least double that.
Am I willing to pay that much more  for a nicer glass, a twizzle stick , a chunk of lime and a sea view? - Call me shallow, but yes, I am!
But I still enjoyed myself and the regulars there made me feel very welcome. I may even return.
I also have to mention the stinking staffy that seemed to be ownerless and made a bee line for myself and Colette. It honest to god whiffed to high heaven and it also had gigantic nipples. Not only did it sniff me, it also kept climbing on me and it scratched my right thigh.
Being the owner of 3 springer spaniels I am no stranger to the stench of a hound but this was something else. I felt quite unclean but thankfully the owner of it came and tied it up and took it away, with, if I'm not mistaken a length of tape that you would use to cordon off a crime scene.
All very bizarre but a fun night.
H is on the train as I type. She is 21 tomorrow. She is actually 21 at 12.34 pm tomorrow afternoon. I can remember the day and the night before as though it was yesterday. I am not going to well up.
I had gone to my mother in laws or lunch on Sunday October 4th. It was a roast pork dinner and I think I also drank wine. I was due on October 7th and as it was my first child I didn't really know what to expect. Mother in law plated me up a second dinner to take home for later and I ate it at around 8pm whilst watching 'Birds of a Feather'.
Now I'm not sure if it was the reheated pork or the sight of Lesley Joseph being the tarty neighbour but I got a very bad tummy ache, then my waters broke and then after rolling around in agony for about 6 hours the midwife came and told me ...
IT'S TIME.............
I specifically remember that one of the songs on the radio en route to treliske was a jazzed up version of 'Baker Street' and I know when I got there and announced I was practically fit to drop the midwife told me to calm the hell down as I wasn't even half a cm dilated.
The rest was a blur. I had every drug available, I had an epidural and can still feel the crunch of that needle into my spine, I don't think I screamed too much and when H finally decided to make an appearance I couldn't quite believe I was a mother.
 I still felt like a child myself!
I still do sometimes.
And 21 years later?
Well I have to say she is a wonderful human being. She is beautiful and clever and kind and funny and has accomplished everything I could have ever hoped for. I am very lucky to have been blessed with she is with me. 
I need to go and compose myself.
We have a whole weekend of celebrations. I lived in Leeds when I was 21 and was going out with a lad called Tony. He wasn't there on my birthday but I went out with my friends and drank 21 drinks. I survived to tell the tale although I think I may have taken a day off from Leeds Poly back in the day.
Memories - it's good to have them and it's good to create them.
Just going to get a tissue.

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