Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Nothing says determination like a graph and goodbye meat - for a week!

So I maintained! I am ok with this. I really am. I have still lost one stone and half a pound in 6 weeks which is pretty good going I think and I did escape for a couple of days and I did eat stilton and I think there may also have been a couple of cheeky crackers underneath the rather sizeable chunks of that beautiful cheese. It was worth it so I am fine.
And there's also the huge psychology issue of a fat club weight record book. If I had gained even half a pound today and had seen one of those horrible + signs written down then that would have totally knocked me.... and I need to remain focussed and positive.
That is why today I am going to make me a graph and I am going to stick it on the fridge!
Nothing says you mean stuff like a good old graph. The inner geek in me loves them and I am just thinking about all the various different types of graph that I can create. There are going to be colours and there are going to be lots of squares and I should perhaps be finishing writing the quiz questions for tomorrow but I always work best under pressure and I can do it tomorrow instead, or stay up late.
I have also just checked the calendar and it is 10 weeks until C time! I want to lose 23 pounds until I get to my hallowed target and I reckon I can do it. It's 2.3 pounds a week and I do not see that as a problem. I have hung the minging dress on the outside of my wardrobe as a constant reminder but I do keep laughing thinking that it may still not fit even when I get to target and if that's the case then I may have to ritualistically burn it .
So determined am I that I have even toyed with the idea of the gym. This is a totally stupid idea as I really hate the place and can think of a million other things to do instead but it does keep flitting through my head. I am going to run though and one of my lovely owners has threatened to drag me out next week and he is super fit and I may have to hide or I may go anyway as he has confirmed that we can have a cheeky Magners on the roof if we do go. We shall see.
And a brief update on H and M now. M seems to have settled into 6th form college or has resigned herself that she has to go. She likes law, she has made new friends and still sees her other friends that went to Truro college. H rang me last night to tell me her latest life decisions. her current problem is that she is unable to apply for her masters until after she has finished her degree which leaves her in limbo for 12 months. She was going to come back to Cornwall but , and as nice as it is, there's not a lot of opportunity so she is going to stay in Cardiff and do a one years masters in linguistics. All good stuff and I am immensely proud that they are both carving their way into the big bad world.
I wonder if they too will be immensely proud of me when I am carving a turkey breast up whilst wearing the nasty orange dress.
Oh and one more thing cousin Peter refrained from swearing and being lewd on Facebook for a whole week and this meant that a few of us had to donate money to the RNLI. Well I am going to issue myself with the challenge to go without meat for a week as from Saturday. I love meat and I am still going to eat fish and if I do it then I want any donations to go to the British Heart Foundation. I am starting on Saturday due to the fact that I am out for a meal on Friday and I desperately want a steak and greek salad.
So bring on the quorn ( ! vom ) it's all for char- I - deee.


  1. I so agree with the whole "fat club book" comment, having a + number is a downer! that's my gal this time to never have one of those!! lol great blog
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