Thursday, 10 October 2013

Addressing my phobias and drinkies on the choo choo.

So the day after tomorrow I am getting on a train and leaving Kernow for three whole days!
I picked up my train tickets today and see that they had inadvertently booked me on the branch line from St Ives to St Erth which is quite possibly one of the prettiest journeys that you could ever travel on.  It's all cute beaches and winding roads and distant horizons etc and St Erth is  a railway station that is stuck in a time warp. Even the 'cafe' there is like something from the 1950's and I am almost too scared to ever ask for a cappuccino as opposed to a jolly nice cuppa and a scone.
The next train is the one to Plymouth and being that it is a Saturday lunchtime I can almost guarantee that there will be at least one drunk / unbalanced person and that they will no doubt be sat near me and want to befriend me. I am excellent at the art of social avoidance which may surprise some of you as I am normally a chatty sort of gal that likes nothing better than to talk to new people but preferably when they are sober and of sane mind. I have perfected the art of gazing blankly beyond their shoulder and will use my special falling asleep plan if the first one cuts no mustard.
My real big issue with any form of public transport though,  is the toilet facilities. I just don't do public loos I'm afraid and ones on trains I find spectacularly gruesome. I would rather hold it in but sometimes I have to give in, swallow my pride and calm myself and just do it.
It's loos in pubs and restaurants too - I do use them but it takes a bit of courage to even open the door and even more to enter a cubicle. I have no idea why I am like this, I am happy to use the toilet at a friends house, it's just the ones where lots of people have used that freak me out.
Which leads me to the next issue.
I firmly believe that any form of travel should be embraced my a refreshing drink. I haven't quite got over going to London in June and paying £6.80 for a voddie and diet coke and a bag of nuts on the way but it's just so nice sipping something nice whilst looking out the window at the world go by. if I stick to one drink then I reckon I can avoid loo-gate until I reach my hopefully clean and hygienic apartment but if I have more than one then I may struggle. I am going to see my mother that evening so I think I may need courage, whether it's Dutch or not, I'm going to need it.
It's a dilemma.
But joking apart, and as much as I adore Cornwall, sometimes it's just nice to get  out of it and go where there are big shops and restaurants and huge buildings............and your mother, of course.
And despite the toilet issue I also love travelling by train.
And of course if I decide on the second over priced vodka then it may be me that is the slightly tiddly mad person that is trying to make eye contact and talk to some snooty madam like myself.
We shall see on the day.
It's all good fun x

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