Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Why aye man - I love the hairy bikers!

So first of all - I LOST 4 POUNDS!
Obviously my cunning plan to rejoin as a new member has paid off and I am mentally patting myself on the back.
And now on to the rest of the blog.
 In my constant quest for new and inspiring recipes to keep me away from the pies I watched these 2 cheeky chappies last night. Their current series is them going around the country meeting people who are using recipes that have been passed down the generations by their mums and grannies , hence the name 'Mum knows best'.
 The first recipe was from a lady in Denby Dale for a succulent looking meat and potsto pie so I obviously ignored that and also  the ginger pudding with custard too,  but I did like the look of an aromatic beef curry and apart from the oil, it is all syn free on Slimming World.
I have a pot of it bubbling on my hob right at this very minute and it's smelling delicious.
 I am looking forward to eating it and watching The Great British Bake Off! Martha is obsessed with this show at the moment and keeps watching it on her i pad . It makes me want to bake ( and eat ) cakes but I will resist. She is in the kitchen right now making, I think an apple crumble.............but again, I will resist, I will I will I will.
St Ives is very quiet but today people seemed to appear from nowhere. I visited some friends 'downalong' and whilst walking along the harbour I couldn't believe how many people there were just generally wandering about and eating ice creams and pasties. Mind you, this was the view around 1pm today so who would pass on the chance to just sit and look at it?
Tomorrow is the start of another week and I am being very well organised for the next few days. I am going to do something with pasta and olives for dinner tomorrow and then will put my thinking cap on for the rest of the week.
I think a few more Hairy Bikers recipes may be in order - but not ones that contain pastry or custard of course..............