Monday, 8 October 2012

The Lucifer of my life..............

So I'm sure I wrote a similar blog a couple of weeks ago regarding my diet, or non diet as it seems to have been  this last few days but I have lost all motivation and I am getting frustrated.
 I have decided tomorrow to start afresh at Slimming World, so in true deep south U S of A baptist style -
I am reclaiming my FAT CLUB VIRGINITY!
Some may say I am mad to throw away the statictics of what I have already lost but it's hard seeing that plus sign on your weight record so I am wiping the slate clean and being a newbie.
I will have a shiny new book and a shiny new weight LOSS record and I will avoid the temptation of this.....................
at all times..............
It's my downfall, my achilles heel. it makes me crumble and I just can't resist it...........but I love it.
I wouldn't like to hazard a guess as to how many calories /syns are in it but I do know that no matter how much I nip and tweak any diet that I do, sticky toffee pudding is most definitely out of bounds.
I am having a diet coke now to counteract the bad boy pictured above and I am also thinking of ways to stay on the straight and narrow.
I have lunch out tomorrow and book group tomorrow night so it's not a promising start to my dieting week.
Sticky toffee pussing - get thee behind me..............and not in me or on my behind........

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