Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Nice and not so nice things

So I had a wander into town and was given a list from Martha of things I had to get.
A diamond nose stud, a nose ring and a shark poster from the book shop???
First stop was one of my favourite shops - The Painted Bird down Fore Street. It is a real aladdin's cave of scarves, jewellry, hats, ornaments, incense sticks, bags, gloves, just everything lovely really.
I know I prommised myself not to mention the 'C' word but I have got an few ideas from going in there this morning and also a couple of things to put on my wish list too.
Next stop was the book shop for the shark poster. I used to do in there all the time but since I got my kindle I hurry past the door, feeling almost guilty for abandoning them .
And as much as I love my kindle, I MISS PROPER BOOKS. It's just not the same looking on Amazon for reading material - nothing beats seeing a book's front cover and reading the blurb on the back. Also, with a kindle you can never judge how long a book is going to be ..................500 pages? That means nothing to me.
Whilst they were rolling up my poster I had a sneaky peeky at a few of the current bestsellers and made a mental note to look them up when I got home.
One of them I was surprised / disturbed / jealous to see was set in Cornwall and written by Judy Finnegan! Is this THE Judy Finnegan , the female half of Britains' favourite chat show couple or someone else with the same name?
Again, I will look it up online later.
The not so nice thing today was seeing an old man that had taken a tumble outside the health food shop. He had cut his head badly and an ambulance had been called. In the meantime one of our local coppers was sat next to him on the pavement looking after him but it made me really upset.
It made me think of the vulnerability of the elderly and the fact that I wasn't there when my Dad died I didn't even know he was ill - he told nobody) and that my Mum is nearly 80 and I felt a lot of guilt and sadness. I rushed home and had a good cry but it made me think and hope that the old man is ok and that with any luck there will be someone to look after him when he gets home.

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