Sunday, 14 October 2012

Pottering about and life's simple pleasures

So today was one of those days when apart from a bit of washing and a couple of invoices there was nothing I actually had to do. I like days like this. It's what Sundays used to be about.
When I was a wee lassie this day was the best day of the week. Late breakfasts, a huge roast lunch, invariably a walk through 'the parks' ( Alnwick people will get what I mean ) and then home for tea and a Sunday evening BBC drama - Pollyanna, Anne of Green Gables, Ballet Shoes etc etc.
Sundays these days are very different. In the summer months it's just another day of work for us but now it's October I can relax a bit.
I had the late breakfast ( thank you Alastair ) , I did the washing and then Martha and I decided to walk the spaniels up Rosewall Hill which is just outside of town and has a stunning panoramic view of St Ives Bay right round to Zennor. Truly beautiful.
We were the only people up there, the spaniels found the largest puddle in the road to splash in,
 Maddie tried to jump down a capped mineshaft and Mutley briefly disappeared but all in all it was a nice walk.
Back home, I had left hubby with the unenviable task of defrosting the freezer in the kitchen and he has unearthed some hidden treasures. I now have a breast of lamb, a turkey joint and some cod and chorizo fishcakes in my fridge and a lot of soggy towels on the kitchen floor.
I have made dinner, I have planned tomorrow night's dinner, the spaniels are sleeping ( and very wet and smelly ) and my kindle is calling.
Only 2 more days until weigh in at fat club too and I am quietly confident of a loss. To be honest,  I am more than quietly confident as I have a set of scales in my bathroom that weigh in at virtually the same as the ones at fat club and I know I am most definitely a loser this week. Martha has tried to persuade me to go out for a carvery tonight but I am standing firm that I will have a good week this week and with 5 days under my belt I am not going to blow it now..................not even for a cheeky roast at The Sheaf of, no, no......................

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