Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Oh what the hell...........

So today I went to fat club one week after supposedly turning over a new leaf and starting afresh etc............and I put on a pound and a half!
 I attribute this to the following -
Getting very stressed and upset on Friday and thinking 'what the hell'
Going out for a meal on Saturday and seeing the sticky toffee pudding and thinking ''what the hell''
Making proper potatoes dauphinoise on Sunday and thinking ''what the hell''
Stuffing a chicken breast with creme fraiche and mushrooms on Monday and thinking ''what the hell''
On top of this, I have been to Truro College tonight with Martha and as we had no dinner beforehand and we had to drive past MacDonalds on the way home, I think you can guess what I was thinking..............'' ---- --- ----''
As a result of this last few days I now feel very sick and very disappointed in myself. Before I lost weight I used to frequently get heartburn and feel rubbish and this is how I feel right now. I know it's a cliche, but if you eat crap, you feel crap.
Tomorrow is another day.
I have porridge, I have fruit, I have skimmed milk, I have a fridge full of food, a bowl full of fruit and I will try and remain positive.
That's all I have to say...................now where the heck did I put the Gaviscon?

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