Wednesday, 31 October 2012


So I knew having that slab  I mean slice of baked cheesecake was a mistake yesterday. It's the first thing I thought about this morning and nothing was going to stop me from making one of my own.

I went on the BBC Good Food website and found what was basically the easiest recipe and this was the result. I made a basic vanilla cheesecake and sprinkled raspberries over the biscuit base and then sieved and drizzled pureed raspberries over the top before  baking it.
I have just sampled some and it is delicious! I had to go out and my hubby said that Martha had been 'hanging round the fridge' while I wasn't it but now it is well and truly ready to eat.
Martha goes to Cardiff tomorrow so I am going to get her to eat as much as possible before then. I have promised my neighbour Gill a slice and my friend Leanne who is I believe, making coffee cake today and  we are going to do an illicit cake swap tomorrow.
''But what about the diet?'' I hear you all roar!
I am not 'in the zone' today. Depending on how much of this bad boy is left and how much coffee cake I get in exchange there is every possibility that I will not be in the zone tomorrow either.
 It's true and it sucks.
It is also Halloween today. I have got a poster saying 'no trick or treaters' to stick on my door primarily because I dont want the dogs barking every 2 minutes.
Mutley has already eaten a lightbulb today and I have spent the afternoon finding big lumps of glass and I feel that a few ghouls and witches may tip him over the edge. My friend Loraine has her grand children visiting though and has asked if they can come down so I have said yes but only to them!
Back in the good old days in Northumberland we would carve turnips 'bagies' and stick a candle in them and go and ask for a 'penny for halloween'.  A couple of days later we would dress an old teddy in rags and go and knock on the same doors and ask for 'a penny for the guy'.
There was no pumpkins, no fancy dress and possibly quite a lot of blood lost during the bagie carving but it wasn't the Americanised commercial bonanza that it is now.
 I think that it's sad that everything has become all American.
Even baked cheesecake is Amercian .................but that is one thing I will forgive.


  1. A lightbulb? He's not frothing blood is he? Poor chap.

  2. He appears to be ok and we think it may have been Freddy wot dunnit