Saturday, 20 October 2012


So today I was talking to the lovely Debbie that works for me on a Saturday and she was saying how she has had trouble with her back recently. I have suffered from lower back pain since I was 13 and have actually got a bit of a wonky spine but thankfully I don't suffer from pain that often now...................until today.
No sooner had Debbie gone, I walked into the lounge and 'twang' my back went. I am in agony. I have pummelled it, I have sat in a hot bath, I have taken extra strong painkillers and I am now stinking of this..............
I have my hot water bottle at the ready, I have told the spaniels to curtail any boucing around on me and I am umming and ahhhing about whether to have booze or painkillers later. I'm thinking both. It will help me to get through X factor, and , as someone on facebook suggested, all the acts will sound great.
My day started badly when I had a very curt message left by the owner of a holiday property we look after to ''ring me now''. I did ring her straight back and no sooner had I said hello then my ear was blasted with -
Apparently the guests that departed this morning had reported a blocked toilet to the agent which had  then flooded the whole of the downstairs carpet. I told her that I knew nothing about this and she carried on shouting that ''they must have f***ing done something to my f***ing toilet'' and when I enquired as to if she would like me to go and have a look she then screamed ''yes I f***ing would, that's what I f***ing pay you for''. It's times like this that I wonder what the hell I am doing in the job I am in.
If my back hadn't been hurting ( as well as my eardrum ) I think I would have told her to go away, or words to that effect  but I was remarkably calm. This woman is one of life's assertive types ( I am too ) but there is a thin line between being assertive and being downright rude.
 I am currently  mulling it over but will be composing an email to her later today to express my upset at how she spoke to me. Although I appreciate she was cross, it was nothing I had done wrong and nothing the poor young girl that works in the agents office had done either - she too had had a similar ear bashing.
It's all part of life's rich tapestry - there's good and bad wherever you go but I think she should have maybe calmed down and taken a deep breath before ringing anyone.
Thinking about it, I may email her after an explosive cocktail of Nurofen and merlot ....................I too can swear like a trouper and my punches will not be pulled.

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