Sunday, 7 October 2012

I'm glad I had daughters

So today Martha and I went to watch a rugby match. A friend of hers is very talented at it and she wanted to see him play, but she didn't want to go on her own so I went too.
I have no idea of the rules but I do know that you need to get the ball and run! Her friend did this - quite a few times- and scored - hooray!
We stood with her friend's Mum and we cheered him on a few times but one thing I did think was that there was no way on earth that I could watch one of my kids being tackled and not run on the pitch and claw the tackler's eyes out. I said to his mum that she must be very restrained and she did agree that it was difficult.
This brings me to the difference between boys and girls - apart from the obvious of course, boys are more physical and girls are more verbal.
Now as I only have 2 delightful daughters I can only speak from experience here, but when they were little and at infant school and they had fallen out with their friends they would come home and say ''so and so called me this'' or ''so and so said this'' but I would notice that my friends that had sons would retrieve mud streaked boisterous little people who had settled any differences with a hearty wrestle on the school field and a quick slide down the nearest grassy bank.
And growing up - well  boys are so less complicated than girls.
Living in a house where 75% of the inhabitants are female (and feisty females at that ) emotions run high and there are hormones a plenty.
 There is rarely a free bathroom, there is always a shortage of towels, I spend a fortune on make up wipes, shampoo and conditioner and all phone bills are huge.
Friends that have boys seem to do more shopping, more cooking, more washing and despite thumping and banging about a lot, their male children are quieter, ie, a lot less chat.
I often wonder what it would have been like to have a son. My whole life as a mum has been geared to fluffy pink things, little cute toys, dramas, tantrums, and a lot of gossiping and squealing. Most of the washing I have ever done doesn't really need washing and apart from their horse riding gear there has been no mud involved at all.
And growing up? Well Hattie has mentioned that when she eventually has a baby she would like me to be there at the birth............I have warned her that I will be totally useless and will probably need quite a lot of gas and air myself but as I'm her mum , if she wants me to be,  then I will be there.
Hopefully this will not be for a few years yet - it may give me time to practise the same restaint that I witnessed this morning.

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