Friday, 26 October 2012

Oh I would love to...................but I can't

So today has been freezing in St Ives, even by my Northumbrian standards and I wrapped up warm.
I have a husband that is incapable of shutting any door in the house and the atmosphere is decidedly frosty....and not just dur to the weather.
On my rounds through town we parked in Island Square right next to the cafe that Martha worked in during the summer.....'Olive's'
I really wanted to go in and have hot coffee and a big slab of squidgy cake but as I am still in my angelic phase at the moment I resisted.
In the summer Martha would often come home with gigantic scones and massive pieces of sticky lemon gateau and prawn and cream cheese baguettes and ham ploughman sandwiches on granary bread and I just wanted to eat them too. I never did but who knows what next summer will bring..........
It's the sort of weather that you need
1. a warm hearty meal
2. a warm hearty glass
of wine
and as Martha is cooking spag bol and I have already supping on some merlot, then I am taking my own advice.
School also broke up today for half term - this means that I can have some lie ins next week - hurray. I could have done with one today - I woke up at 5 am and didn't fall back to sleep until after 6 am and then I had a bizarre dream that Hattie was on the USA X factor and got through to boot camp which was at her friend Poppy's house.
I can't even blame the cheese for my odd dreams, as after 'feta-gate' from last week I have laid off it as much as possible.
I will be having some with my spag bol however, no doubt in between screaming

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