Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The best toastie ever!

So my back is still sore and I had a busy day so what better way to start it than with a lush big meaty bacon toastie?
I have to sing my hubby's praises here - I may make lovely dinners but his breakfasts are the best. I am so focussed at the moment and I want my half stone award next week so I am 101% going for it.
I really can't see how people can not have breakfast. When I get up and have a couple of coffees I just need to have something to eat ( or break the fast ) and a slice of toast just doesn't do it for me.
 I generally like to wait until Martha has gone off to school so I can munch on whatever delights have come out of our kitchen in peace. Anything involving bacon is generally good but if I have none then I will downgrade to some beans on toast, or at worst some porridge.
I treated myself to chicken salad from the deli for lunch and dinner is going to be bacon and mushroom carbonara with lots of rocket and the rest of the wine that I didn't finish last night.
I know I am talking about food a lot at the moment but I like food and I am genuinely interested in it and what to do with it. As I have also mentioned before, if I don't keep it nice and varied then I will fall off the diet wagon which is the last thing I want at the moment.
Martha had an appointment with the orthodontist and needs to have what he alarmingly called 'tracks' , or braces, but she will have beautifully teeth at the end of it.
Back in the 1970's and 1980's very few people had any sort of cosmetic dentistry as I recall but these days it's just a matter of course.
Speaking of tracks, I also bought Martha a train ticket to go and visit her big sis in Cardiff for a few days next week as it's half term holiday. Martha likes Cardiff because she likes shopping and when she went there last time they went to what she described as 'the best cinema ever' which I presume she was referring to the plushness and cleanliness - sorry, but the one in St Ives is neither plush or clean - it's just there!
I hope they do a bit of sisterly bonding when they are together and no sisterly scrapping.
It will be odd having a child free home but it will give me the chance to watch what I want on telly and to experiment on the hubby with some more recipes. .

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