Saturday, 13 October 2012

That's the way ah-ha ah -ha I like it, oh and The Baftas.

So have a look at Porthmeor Beach at around 11 this morning. How cool is it?
The sea was of the deepest blue and the only thing to be seen was the shadow of a lampost and a solitary couple.

It was flipping freezing though and bearing in mind I am a well 'ard Northumbrian that grew up being blown on by an Easterly wind, even I felt a bit nippy. The one redeeming factor in today's weather was that it didn't rain - unlike last night when it rained enough for the whole of October.

Last night I wrote the first chapter of my inernational bestseller. I have decided to go along the route of a collaborative book whereby at least one and hopefully two of my friends will be writing too. I got the idea from a website that does various joint pieces of work but then realised that it was American so there would be no point in joining  any work in progress as I am such a Brit and anything I did write would probably contain sentences with ''sure thing dude'' ''you dirty rat'' ''oh my god, gimme a burger'' and other such Americanisms and it would be rather obvious from the outset that I was an imposter.

So, after a couple of voddies I started.
I then had writer's block for a while.
I then started again and wrote what I think is quite an 'enticing' first chapter.
I then emailed it to Debbie and am waiting for her to write the next chapter, but I am worried that I think she too may have writer's block - either that or she fell asleep as I took so long getting it just right.
I will be very happy if Leanne does chapter three.

Our ultimate ambition is to attend the Bafta Awards as our international bestseller will be snapped up by  a famous director / tv production compnay and made into a hugely successful film or telly drama.
That's not too much to ask is it? Oh and as long as I am sat next to this gorgeous actor then I will be very happy.

I will obviously be a size zero by then too............

Am I letting my very vivid imagination run away with itself here?

Jim, pass me the canapes luvvy xxxxxxxxx

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