Friday, 19 October 2012


So today was Friday and as Fridays go it wasn't too bad. I was given a thank you bottle of wine by some friends for a couple of favours I have done them and very nice it is too.
If  I could eat and drink whatever I liked and be sylph like then merlot would be my preferred drink over everything else - I love it, and preferably a nice Australian or South African one .
I am now half way through week 2 of being a born again Slimming Worlder and so far so good. I made something with chicken tonight which should have meant the meat was marinated in honey and various other spices and sauces etc but I had no honey so I did what I do best - IMPROVISE!
I love trying out new recipes and it's very rare that I stick to the exact quantities, I just look at the ingredients, throw them all together and hope for the best. Nine  times out of ten  it works - and the times that it doesn't work?......... I make a mental note not to try it again.
My issue with Slimming World and other 'diet' organisations is basically that a lot of the food they suggest you eat is utter crap. I love love love trawling the net looking for interesting things to do with my food and more often than not, most recipes can be adapted to healthy living.
My favourite food website is the BBC Good Food Website - there are billions of recipes on there, lots of them I have tried and loved - it just usually means to any dieter, to leave out that cheeky couple of tablespoons of oil of butter and the rest is generally ok.
I spoke to Hattie earlier and she is coming home in less than 3 weeks for a long weekend. I cannot wait to see her! It is now a whole month and 2 days since we took her back to Cardiff and I am starting to get withdrawal symptoms. I'm not sure she feels the same as she is now 20 and very independent and living the uni dream, but I just want to give her a huge hug.
And on that note, I shall have myself another glass of the red stuff.

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