Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What a cracking day!

So it's October half term and the town is packed. I had a wander around and snapped this pic from the top of the steps beside the Pedn Olva Hotel.
The sea is of the deepest blue and the sun is out. Everyone seems relatively happy and it was nice to be out in it for a while.
I didn't leave the house yesterday on account of my migraine - or was it because I had 2 huge glasses of merlot on Sunday????
Martha is getting excited about going to stay with her big sister in Cardiff on Thursday and I am still trying to get my head round some much needed healthy eating.
I have just had a slice of baked cheesecake from the Cornish deli in Chapel Street so it's not going too well today. I am hoping it will click into place at some point in the next few days but at the moment I have too many things happening in my head ,
Tomorrow is another day - I skived off fat club this morning as I think a plus sign in my book would have dented my already fragile ego.
Onwards and downwards for the future - I hope.


  1. Ahem, two packets of Monster Munch before 8am. You are not alone. xx

  2. Well that baked cheesecake was something else!