Sunday, 28 October 2012

I don't know what time it is

So  as the clocks went back last night  we technically gain an extra hour.
Dogs and cats do not understand this concept so I was up even earlier than ever. Hattie also apparently doesn't understand this either as she texted me to ask what time it was when she woke up.
I have done very little today other than invoice people and complain about how cold it is. It is now 5.55pm and it's pitch black. I want wine but I never drink before 6pm so I will wait another 5 minutes.
I am also back on my 'diet' again after having eaten anything and everything yesterday. I honestly don't know what got into me but today I have been angelic.
I think it was the fact that my scales said +3 this morning that spurred me into action. I will need a miracle to lose that 3 pounds before Tuesday but if I lose one of them I will be content as I had initially set myself a target of a pound a week ansd that means I am bang on track.
Lovely roast pork for dinner tonight with potatoes , carrots and lovely lovely SPROUTS and some wine and the X Factor - that's what cold dark Sundays are all about.
I also have a bar of Cadbury's bubbly minty chocolate whcih I am hoping Martha will eat or the dogs will steal.....................

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