Monday, 22 October 2012

Paul and Mary rock!

So The Great Birtish Bake Off finished last week and we are all missing the cakes..............and Mel and Sue, and of course Paul Hollwood and Mary Berry.
The BBC know they are onto a winner and tonight they are televising Paul and Mary doing some baking instead of commentating. The whole nation has gone baking crazy!
My Mum used to bake all the time, but then again, everyone did back in the good old days. Scones, rock buns, fairy cakes, quiches, flans, you name it - all homemade and nothing was shop bought.
These days, sadly, it's cheaper to buy and I think this is a shame but with this show receiving record viewing figures then I think doing it at home is now all the rage.
I rarely bake, apart from 'cakes' for fat club, ie, swiss rolls and couscous cakes and they don't really count. My hubby was a chef for years and makes a mean pastry but doesn't. Martha however, does bake quite a lot and often runs off to the kitchen to whip up a quick banana loaf or some cupcakes.
I have just looked up the god like Paul on Wikipedia and what I found quite interesting was that he initially went to art college and trained as a sculpture.
One finalist on the show was finishing his medical degree and spent the summer baking bread in restaurants.
Another finalist on the show finished his law degree but has moved to Europe to train in pattisserie.
Is it a dormant desire in many people to be creative with eggs, butter and flour? I'm sure the job satisfaction would me fantastic and certainly more interesting in being a lawyer.
Baking is the new black!
 I'm not sure I will attempt it. I'm not patient enough and I think we all know what I would do with all the delicious fruits of my labour....................

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