Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Week 2 , another pound off and not a chip in sight!

So today was my second weigh in at fat club since I rejoined a couple of weeks ago and I lost another pound! That is now a total of 5 - woo hoo, hooray, go meeeeeeee.
I know a pound doesn't seem much BUT ( male readers avert your eyes ) it's my dreaded time of the month and a week in which I never normally lose so I am feeling very proud of myself.
So proud infact, that I haven't succumbed to the temptation of the chippy round the corner, which it has to be said, is my normal haunt on a fat club night. Instead we are having lamb steaks with carrots and onions done in the slow cooker, mustard mash and broccoli and peas and it's all healthy and the only 'naughty' to pass my lips tonight will be a couple of glasses of the red stuff.
This however is medicinal - my back was much better this morning and I was doing really well until I bent down to remove the slow cooker from the cupboard and lo and behold 'TWANG' it went again.
I know it will be ok in a couple of days but I really don't want to take any more painkillers. They make me feel sick and quite depressed so I'm going with the theory that the wine will either numb the pain or will make me too drunk to care.
I have planned my meals ahead for the next few days and have girded my loins for another busy weekend. It's half term next week so there will be the usual influx of autumn visitors to our little town and then that will be it until the next mob arrive for C********. I refuse to use the 'C' word, but I'm guessing you all know what I mean.
I also had the pleasure of having a very long chat to Hattie tonight. It's a standing joke that since she went back to Cardiff we have hardly heard from her. I miss her but this is good. If she wasn't settled and happy and was on the phone or skype every 5 minutes then I would be worried but she genuinely seems to be loving life up in CF24 and if she's happy.............then I too am happy.
Martha may be going up next week to join her for a few days. She visited her last April and loved it. Despite having gone up to Cardiff myself several times now I have never really had a proper look round so I am hoping to go up for a cheeky couple of days  in November for a visit and to see why everyone seems to love this city.
In the meantime I shall continue eating healthily, will try and not twang my back and will avoid the chippy at all costs .....................probably!

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