Wednesday, 3 October 2012

I still haven't swallowed my burger

So the burger that I ate from Maccy D's last night is still lodged in the lower part of my throat. No amount of Gaviscon could shift it and I have spent most of the day thinking I may be sick.
I haven't had a tactical chunder ( as Hattie so eloquently puts it ) but I think I may have learned my lesson - burgers in general are bad for you and burgers late at night are even worse !

I have been a model Slimming Worlder today and am going to do something creative with sausages and pasta with salad for dinner. I have been trawling the internet for interesting recipes and things that I think we may all enjoy as a family - I have always said that a dieter's biggest enemy isn't greed or hunger - it's boredom so I need to keep things varied and exciting. Most recipes can be adapted - after all who needs lashings of cream, oil and butter? ''SOB''

 I have also  just been to visit my mother in law, who sadly broke her arm badly at the weekend and has had to cancel her holiday to Italy that she was meant to be going on tomorrow.

We took her flowers and chocolates and came away with some lovely homegrown vegetables from my father in law. Martha and I couldn't wait to get home and we shelled and ate several peas and the discarded pods are going into the horses dinner tomorrow. Nothing goes to waste round here.
From left to right - Lunar, Blue and Honey - our 3 large 4 legged friends. All our animals eat very well - maybe I should take a leaf out of their books, although I would draw the line at catfood etc.
I am going to do as Lena Martell advised circa 1978 and take ''one day at a time'' with this dieting malarkey. I know today I have been good and I'm pretty sure that tomorrow I will be good too - but who can tell.
One thing I do know though - Ronald macDonald can burger off!

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  1. Olly loves those horses!! They come over to us sweet as a nut now. They know us quite well I think. Olly is very gentle with them.

    Great blog. Why do we never learn though? It's like the devil gets inside our foodie minds!!