Thursday, 4 October 2012

My weekly humiliation..........and onion rings.

So it's officially winter in St Ives and that can only mean one's the start of
 The St Ives Quiz league!
I play for the Sheaf of Wheat 'A' team. We are 'A' purely because we were there before the 'B' team and not because we are cleverer.
Last year we came second to bottom of the league table but miraculously managed to get through to the final in the knockout section of the league - or course we didn't win but I seem to recall we gave them a good run for their money. It was the Arts Club we played and their combined age was around the 400 mark so we were good on pop culture type questions but not so good on art or, errr, most of the other stuff.
We also won a huge trophy! On the 'handicap' night we had such a huge handicap to begin with on account of us being so rubbish and we played quite well that evening so we won a gigantic cup which is now on display in The Sheaf of Wheat.
I know nothing about sport, geography , history, politics and science. I do know lots about 1980's music, tv and films and I also know some seriously diverse trivial facts but sadly not enough to win a match.
I have my jotter and pen at the ready, I have £20 in my purse for drinkies and I have optimism that maybe, just maybe tonight we may just surprise everyone.
Nobody will be more surprised than me if we win!
Oh and there's also a buffet supper provided after the quiz which I shall of course be resisting.............even Eric the landlord's homemade onion rings.

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