Tuesday, 9 October 2012

I's pie.................

So today I did it - I started afresh! As of 9.30 this morning I am a new Slimming World member and I feel strangely liberated. I was worried incase the thought of losing all those stickers and awards would upset me, but I am now on the second part of my weight loss journey as of now and I am going to embrace it positively.
I first had to get through a lunch out. When I say 'get through' that sounds awful, as the people that were very kindly treating me are lovely but it was possibly the wrong day for me to be dining out.
Luckily, they had chosen the Porthminster Beach Cafe which obviously works by the mottoes ''less is more'' ''quantity not quality'' etc etc. It is also very expensive , which goes to prove why rich people are usually thin.
I chose the fish pie, as nothing else on the menu appealed to me. This was my fish pie.
Now you're probably seeing a piece of grilled fish, 4 mussels and a ( very small ) pot of mashed potatoes with a few prawns in it. Your eyes are not deceiving you. One of the lunch guests whispered to me ''it's not a pie'' but Geoff, the lunch treater pointed out that 'deconstructed'' food is now all the rage. Hmmmm. Apparently separating the foods and breaking them up is the in thing , the new black, the nouveau nouvelle cuisine etc etc but all I thought of was how I was going to get the fish and the mash on the fork on the same time without dribbling it all over the place.
I resisted all offers of alcohol and stuck with 2 diet cokes and even though I looked at the dessert menu and desperately longed for the 'raw chocolate creme brulee' I had a cup of tea.
This broke my heart!
Geoff had a Pimms something or other for pudding and it also appeared to have been deconstructed -
I really don't know what every pile / pot had in it and I don't think Geoff did either but he seemed to enjoy it. I think there was a pot of Pimms jelly with melon balls on top, the strawberries lay in a tasteful mound of pink sherbet or icing sugar but I really can't think what the 3 scoops are.
All in all it was very nice but I dont think I will be rushing to return.
The menu was very fishy and I like meat, the portions were a little on the , errrm, little side and as a consequence I am now starving. I have eaten a banana and a greek yogurt but quite frankly, they're not cutting the mustard.
It is also very intellectual book group tonight.
There will be wine, nachos, lots of cheese and crackers, cupcakes, quiches, egg sandwiches, crisps and dips.
Nothing will be deconstructed and I plan to eat one plateful and then stop.............
Now where did I put my Christmas turkey plate?

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  1. Ha love your description of the food, I've never been to that kind of place and always wondered. Just as well we can't afford it, I wouldn't like it (is that what fish looks like without batter lol?).