Friday, 5 October 2012

20 years of Hattie...........

So today Hattie turned 20. I can't believe that I have been a mother for that long and the little noisy bundle that arrived on Monday October 5th 1992 at 12.41 pm at Treliske Hospital is now all grown up!
 As most of you already know, she is at Cardiff University in her second year of a degree in education and psychology and wants to hopefully be a speech therapist.
She is one of life's special people.
We may have had our ups and downs and we may have argued like fishwives and alley cats but we've always been close.
I miss her so much when she's away.
When she comes home I am reminded how noisy she is.
She always makes me laugh.......................
When she started to write she used to draw giant 'H' signs everywhere.
We once  shared a bath when she was about 3- I got out and she said ''Oh Mummy dont get out you make the bath big''
She used to fall asleep in her baby bouncer.
She never crawled - she sat , then walked.
She used to say 'umpin' instead of 'open'.
She drew on Martha's head with a felt tip when Martha was a day old.
She played Tatiana in the infant school play when she was 5 and won critical acclaim.
She won a computer for the same school by writing a poem about phone boxes.
Hattie and Becky Nankervis drank so much wine when they were 16 that Becky's Mum had to take them home from Penzance and when Hattie came home the next day she was wearing Becky's dad's tracksuit.
She'e very good at public speaking.
She loves all animals.
She also loves weepy films and once when watching 'PS I love you' her dad had to get out of bed and check she was ok as she was howling so loudly.
She was nervous about going to uni and leaving home but now loves Cardiff and all things Welsh.
She is the noisiest person ever in the early hours of the morning.
She has explored all areas of Cornwall on Cinderella her moped and in Sylvia her little KA car.
She is a very speacial person and I am proud to be her Mum and that is all I have to say..........
Happy Birthday Hattie xxxx

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  1. Happy Birthday Hattie from Geoff, Northumberland! (you're part of a culture that is forever true)x