Friday, 12 October 2012

Good Friday

So back to the whole point of this blog - my weight! Fridays are normally a bad day for me in the world of eating low fat healthy food but today I have managed to avoid the following -
1. Pasties
2. Bread
 3 Chocolate
so I am feeling quite chuffed with myself.
Since my born again SW virginity on Tuesday I am trying so so  hard to resist all the naughty stuff that made me fat in the first place and it's usually a Friday that tips me over the edge.
If I could physically pat myself on the back then I would.
For all you non fatties out there, especially those of you that can eat what you want and stay sylph like - you wont understand,  but it truly is hard to feed the rest of your family nice gooey stodgy stuff and not have it yourself. I made Martha a fresh warm bacon baguette earlier ( it was also oozing with butter )  and I am having this ......
I'm not really. am having a smoky sausage pasta dish , which when I had it last week it burned the roof of my mouth off.
I presumed that a 'pinch of chilli flakes' would be the same as a hearty dollop of EPC Very Lazy Chilli.
I can assure you that it's not.
And tomorrow is Saturday and the end of my working week and X Factor and potentially a dangerous time as I need lots of wine to watch it / enjoy it / write my famous poem about it but I shall make do with a less calorific vodka and diet coke. It's not the same in any size shape or form but it's better than water.
As someone once said ''nothing tastes as good as being thin''.
 Not even wine and chocolate and buttery bacon bauguettes?????
I think that person was fibbing.

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