Thursday, 11 October 2012

It's a man's world!

So tonight is quiz night but my team isn't playing as it's our turn to set the questions.
In a quiz we have over 100 questions and the trick is to keep it varied and interesting. I'm not sure I have done either of these things tonight, but they have been placed in sealed envelopes and delivered to the venue so it's too late!
The quiz is largely dominated by male players.
 Male players of a certain age who love questions about sport  and politics.
 Our team has one or sometimes two male players and the main man John is quite cool and likes ships and history. He also loves the female attention so is quite happy to go with the flow which is generally any rare questions about musicals / cookery and the telly.
I'm sure I'm not speaking for myself here, but I really don't want to know who the Hungarian prime minister was in 1953 or who scored the winning goal at the 1978 FA cup final so that is precisely the sort of questions I have avoided tonight. I have consulted my ex team member and good chum Debbie ( she defected to the pool league a couple of years ago and seems to be having much more fun on a Thursday night ,  hmmmm) and she thought my questions were 'hard'.
 I don't think they are any such thing but if I get shouted at in the street tomorrow or heckled in Tescos by middle aged men in anoraks then  I know she is right.
One thing I do love and hope for when setting the questions however, is what I like to call a 'rogue win' whereby a team that normally gets beaten week in , week out will be successful on the pointless and shallow trivia that I have asked.
 It warms the cockles of my heart that a group  of 5 intellectuals will know all sorts of bizarre art, science and poetry but wont know the name of who the landlady in a famous soap opera is having it away with behind the beer kegs.
 Cue - not so intellectual team getting it right and winning their first match of the season - what's not to love??
Anyway, The quiz starts in an hour's time and I hope everyone enjoys it. I was meant to go and read the questions but I think I have an ear infection so I am staying at home in the warmth of my home.
The various results and comments will be posted on the quiz league's Facebook page later so I shall stay up to gage a reaction and then I can plan tomorrow and if I should be keeping a very low profile.

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