Saturday, 27 July 2013

Wine, Whine and a pancake roll. Oh but I got a postcard!

So I would really like to swear but I'm not going to as I am trying to attract readers from Chad and they are a clean living nation. Today, so far has been HORRIBLE and it's not over yet. I am having Chinese tonight and some wine and will be wearing elasticated pants for the next couple of days. I don't care. I have a pair of harem pants and if they're good enough for Cheryl Cole then they're good enough for me.
My friends and I on Facebook  started a challenge a couple of days ago. It is to send a postcard to someone on your friends list using only the info that they supply on Facebook. I sent 2 and one of them arrived today! It was to Debbie's daughter Chelsea and I am so chuffed it got there.
And I got one too!
Yes ok, it was from Debbie and she does only live down the road but it came! It really made me laugh, especially the 'can be loud' bit. Am I loud? yes I can............but not all the time.
I also sent one to a lady called Gayle - I don't really know her, she is one of Leanne's friends and I addressed it to -
Gayle, wife of Keith
Norwich ,
She hasn't received it yet as far as I know so come on Royal Mail - sort it out!
I have instructed the husband to buy me some more postcards tonight and I am going through my friends list and picking the next recipients, or victims, depending how you look at it.
Oh and while I am a descriptive mood - I wish people would just hush a bit when they go up my street at night. Last night we had a very drunk Glaswegian fall over across the road from me. I had my jammies on and no bra so I didn't really want to go out in public . Luckily he came round and staggered up the road not long after his collapse. We then had scousers going off on one. Now normally I love a scouser - they really are my favourite people but not at midnight. It was a husband and wife team arguing over a lost slipper. I was tempted to yell fish wife style out the window, but as my postcard says , I am an inspirational and motivational person and I don't want to set a bad example.
Maybe I will later though when I am full of Chinese and wearing those loose harem pants.
Why Aye.

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