Friday, 19 July 2013

Nawwwwwww - lovely and beautiful and happy - and a relaxed mummy! And Peter, if it IS you, I'll miss you.......

So it's Friday and it's hot and I saw today a lovely lady that had twins last year. I mentioned them in my blog a couple of weeks ago - they are adorable and I want to squeeze and sniff them. I have known their mummy since she was a little girl and she was lovely then and apart from being bigger, she hasn't really changed much!
These 2 little munchkins were born last year and one of them was very ill and had to be whisked off to a hospital in Bristol. This was obviously very distressing for the whole family and I think the whole of St Ives followed his ( and his brother's ) progress on Facebook as their granny kept everyone up to date with how it was all going. St Ives is a close community and their mummy is from a very well know family so even those that didn't know her, they knew her Mum or Dad or grandparents or aunties and uncles.
Thankfully he got better and now both of them are thriving and happy and very very smiley.
I got big grins from both of them, their mummy showed me how chunky one of them's thighs are , I sympathised as mine are too and they are a delight. It's a standing joke that I see all 3 of them every Friday now so I am looking forward to seeing them running along Back Road East in months to come although I'm not so sure their mummy is.
And one more thing - it is refreshing to see such a relaxed attitude for the mother of 2 babies that had quite a shaky start in life. I asked her what they weighed and she said she hadn't been to get them weighed for a while but it is evident that they are both strong and well.
I then went out for a meal to an Italian restaurant in Carbis Bay. I had bread, I had olives, I had the favourite vegetable of any decent Italian, a chip, and luckily I didn't choke on it. I did nearly have a chipasm though.
Fat Club was a right laugh. There was a woman there stressing over eating 2 Curly Wurlies. I was just happy that I had lost so much even though I had eaten out twice and it made me quite determined to lose another 2 for next week so I can get me a sticker.
That's the only reason I went back - for the stickers and the applause.
I also have to divulge something to you all - off the back of writing the quiz for the people at the campsite.....I am calling the bingo numbers tonight. I am a bit embarrassed and I have downloaded the numbers and their phrases in preparation. I have never done anything like this before and , well, it should be fun???? All the threes 33 etc etc, top of the shop etc etc. Debbie suggested I made up new modern phrases for them but I haven't. I think bingo should be traditional. I think bingo should be banned personally, but I will give it a go.
I also found the remains of what I think could be Peter the seagull up my back lane this morning. He was the runt of the litter and much much smaller than Tony and Gordon.
I hope it isn't him, and if its not then it's one of his cousins. It's sad, as he was flat as the proverbial pancake.
RIP (maybe) Peter - there will be one less squawk in our street.

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