Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Nothing to report in my bush, mime artistes, Gulls giving it beak and a couple of ridiculously hard questions.

So today I did stuff in the house and then after talking to Lovely Mike from next door and burning my knee I decided I needed to be out and in the sunshine. My lily bush had sprouted again so I set myself the task of doing some serious hacking. There was no vodka, knickers or fags to be found so it's been a quiet couple of weeks in Bedford Road. The flowers that I planted with Leanne a few weeks ago are proper flowers now and not just plants and they have their pretty little faces turned up to the sunshine. Oh yes, it's another sizzler.
Lovely Mike my neighbour  runs the B and B next door and had a yap with me on the front steps this morning. It's only since Gill his equally lovely wife died that I have got to know him properly and he really is a nice and genuine man. he also likes a good gossip. Today the points we covered were -
What a crap year 2013 has been - more for Mike than anyone :(
Our kids
A couple of people we both know - can't say who but LOL!
Dogs on beaches
Dogs not on beaches
The appearance of painted blue marks on our back lane which means some utility company is going to dig it up
and most importantly............
How a couple of his guests have complained about how noisy the seagulls are.
I said to Mike - ''ahh that's Tony Gordon and Peter'' and then we agreed that Tony is  a right con gull and that he is big enough to fly and then I told him about Woman With the £1 Water and he agreed she was off her chops and then we said Tony is as fat as a goose. For anyone that reads my blog regularly , you will totally know what I am waffling about and for anyone else - then read the last few days and it will all be apparent. I still haven't rung Jackie With the Big Glasses but I am going to tonight before someone takes matters into their own hands and those 3 gulls are murdered.
I also spotted a mime artist huffing and puffing up the road.
Mime artists freak me out a bit. It's just not normal to be stood that still for so long and to not speak. This one was hot and in a hurry and his face was silver. I spoke to him and he actually mimed a reply to me. I didn't look impressed and my inner voice may have uttered 'tosser' as he scuttled past. I think he is the one that hangs round at the bottom of Fore Street. My husband maintains that he saw a woman with a dog that did a huge poop in front of it last week and came home giggling.
It was the dog that did the poop and not the owner by the way..............
Quiz tonight!
I have done the questions. They are printed off and have been placed in a sealed envelope and it's too late for any of them to be changed. On trip advisor someone left a comment about the camp site that the quiz was ...ahem, cough cough
A cynical friend suggested that I had written the review myself but I think you all know that if I had written it then I would have been slightly more descriptive - especially about the blonde bird on the microphone! It's a good mix of questions, some ridiculously easy, some that you have to think about and a couple that I may have to apologise for in advance. All I'm saying is...............I like my anagrams, so listen carefully. Oh and I also like 80's music.
Only 2 more days until I have my first official weigh in as a born again Slimming World virgin. I am eating out with the ladies from book group tonight prior to the quiz and lunch out tomorrow too but if I make wise and healthy choices then I should be ok. ZZZZZZZZZZ. What a bleddy bore. I really want sticky toffee pudding and lashings of wine but I want my hip bones more.
I can't have my pud and eat it. Plus I have gulls to rehome and a bush to keep tidy and I'm sure that I can do all this much more easily with prominent cheekbones.

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