Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Hi Ho Hi Ho - don't drink on a flimsy dinner and I love a happy dwarf.

So the quiz went well last night. There was just the right amount of people there and they were all lovely. Even the scousers were ok. I ate with 'The Bookworms' that's the ladies from book group by the way, and they came second and I had a lovely fillet steak but no potato and a huge glass of wine and then some double vodkas and I think you can all guess that I felt a bit rough this morning.
I had done a Snow White question so was a bit alarmed when I spotted a dwarf at one of the tables. He would have been Happy had he been one of them and took it all in his ( very small ) stride but I was a bit alarmed when I saw that his mates kept sending him to the bar for drinks as he could barely see over the top of it. Twas a good night, although I think for next week I should maybe dumb it down a bit and that my 'name the 3 sectarian groups involved in the Bosnia - Herzogovnia crisis' could really have been replaced by 'what colour is a New York taxi'. You live and learn don't you?
I had lunch out today and it was so hot. I know my menopause can't be far off and Leanne is on the turn too so although we wore lovely summery dresses, us and our other friend were all very flushed and fanning with the menus. I had my usual steak and Greek salad because tomorrow is fat club and tomorrow I will lose at least one and a half pounds, which is the totally achievable target I have set myself each week.
Tony, Gordon and Peter have been given flying lessons by their mother. This started at around 12.15 am this morning and they were very noisy. I personally reckon they couldn't be arsed and the squawks were actually them saying stuff like-
awww Mum nooooooo
I'm trying for god's sake
I'm flapping , you can see I'm flapping!
They are still out there now. I saw Peter wandering down Chapel Street earlier.
In the directions of the Three Ferrets - a pub I never frequent but one that I had to walk past last night on the way to meet one of The Bookworms.
I hadn't been out of the house one minute and I got splattered - this time it avoided my face and landed on my left shoulder.
Why Tony?
Why Gordon?
Why Peter?
Why me?

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