Sunday, 7 July 2013

I have red arms and my non diet has backfired ...................take me to a club.

So it's el scorchio down here and in most parts of the UK by all accounts. Andy Murray has won Wimbledon - I didn't watch, I wish I could be more interested but I'm not. I am glad he won's good for the country's morale etc,  and as he was won he is obviously British - if he had lost then he would have been Scottish. Yes, I know I'm being cynical but it's true.
I went to the rooftop for Magners today as it's Sunday and my arms are red. It was sizzling. I wasn't my usually jolly self though probably because I am absolutely shattered after all my comings and goings at the weekend and I was happy to sit and listen today rather than talk a lot.
I think my non diet honeymoon is over. It was nice while it lasted but I am having pizza for dinner and that's never a good sign. At this precise moment I am planning on a return to fat club on Tuesday........................this scares me a bit. My non diet has been quite revolutionary and I'm not sure that I am ready to conform to the pressures of weighing my porridge oats again, of getting weighed in front of people, of having a new 'leader' get to know me, and to most probably sitting  opposite people that are there for a morning out and who genuinely can't understand why they haven't lost weight when they have scoffed pasties for the last week.
Shall I go?
Shall I give the non diet another chance?
I did say a while ago that I would return to fat club if necessary and I'm not convinced that 3 days of being a bit naughty is reason to go. I am a panicker and after this weekend I can feel the control slipping away from me. Would fat club give me this control back or just make me rebel? I have approximately 39 hours to decide what to do.......................It's a toughie alright.
I am also feeling a bit low. I'm not sure if it's due to being tired and the whole non diet issue, but I crashed a couple of hours ago. I am trying to regain my proverbial still upper lip but am struggling.
Maybe the pizza will make me feel better.
Maybe the sight of my 'tan' will cheer me up tomorrow.
Maybe I need to hibernate and sort myself out.
Maybe by the time I blog again tomorrow I will be jollier - I hope so, as I have a follower in Lebanon which excited me a bit and according to Wikipedia they are the most liberal of all Arab nations and seem like a right laugh.

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