Monday, 1 July 2013

I'm just so , so, well ooh an olives and feta and pasta type of gal - but don't worry there's bacon in there too.

So I am hungry at this precise moment. I got all 50's housewife a couple of hours ago and thought about making a cottage pie but I wrote the quiz for tomorrow and then had a disco nap instead. I need sleep. I am still tired from my rabbit slaughtering early morning jaunt and then last night I had twitchy and jerky legs. My eyes are like 2 piss holes in the snow and Debbie is coming round tonight to make stuff with me. I can't do everything you know.
So I made this ......................
It had olives in. I love olives. It also had peppers and garlic and onions and tomatoes and then I crumbled some feta cheese over it.
Relax - I'm still on my non diet and I only fried the veg in a drizzle of olive oil. And also, before any of you lot think that I have given into my plans of becoming a vegetarian that I had rashly threatened about last December, there was also a couple of rashers of bacon thrown in for good measure too.
And it tasted very nice.
My Monday blog ( or day ) wouldn't be the same without a daily update and visit to the vets. Mutley was there this morning and was kept in for the day for more x rays. The good news is that his second screw is still in place and the even better news is that they have stopped charging me. I'm not sure why but this made me happy. The poorly boy is home and he still has 4 legs attached, and yes, one of them is useless but he is here and he is ok and he is sleeping now.
My friend Debbie is coming here in an hour to be creative with me. We have no idea what the hell we are doing, we really don't but I know it will be fun. We have implements and various utilities and we know what we are meant to be doing, but I think the getting there may be an issue.
Oh and today was also my first arsehole free Monday. In the words of Michael Jackson-
'she's outta ma liiiiiiiife'
I am saying no more, She can't read this and I think she is so thick skinned that even if she did then she still wouldn't know that it was about her.
Onwards and upwards and here's to a productive evening.

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