Thursday, 4 July 2013

A taste of heaven...............................and a bit of a staycation please?

So today I went for lunch for a friend's birthday which was last week. The Pednolver rooftop was the venue again and I had 2 options -
1. Be healthy and have a salad
2. Live a little and have a salad and something naughty with it.....
I went for option 2.
It was a prawn and crayfish cocktail with granary bread and I had a portion of chips with it too. They were big and fat and crispy and only about a dozen of them. They were also bleddy ansum. I felt a bit naughty as they were the first 'proper' chips that I have had in weeks and I felt stuffed afterwards and thought maybe I shouldn't have succumbed but I did and I can't change the past and it was only a few chips so what's the harm?
One thing I do know is that I will be removing the battery from the scales later and getting rid of it.
There is a heatwave predicted for the weekend and the weather today , although cloudy has been gorgeous and just the right temperature. The view from the Pednolver balcony side on the rooftop is of Porthminster Beach and although there were a few clouds it was gorgeous sat up there watching the sea and everyone having a great time on the beach.
The friends I was with and I were discussing how much we would like to come to St Ives on holiday - even though we live here anyway, it would be nice to be a tourist for a week. I know that some of you readers may think that all we do is sip on ice drinks on rooftop terraces but we do work hard too and it would be nice to do it for a week.
Only if the weather is good though - but then again if the weather was rubbish we wouldn't have far to travel to go home again.
I am off to Staffordshire tomorrow night to stay in a B and B for M's public speaking comp on Saturday. It will be nice to see what Staffordshire has to offer..............
And absolutely NO CHIPS!

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