Wednesday, 10 July 2013

I'm just totes emosh!

So THE  day in the year 11's social calendar has arrived. Their leaver's dinner and dance , or as the more Americanised amongst us like to refer to it - their 'prom'.
It's probably more exciting for girls than boys. There are dresses to buy, their are nails to be done, make up to be applied and hair to be curled and teased into gorgeous styles. M has gone for the works today and she looked beautiful.

They all looked beautiful actually and most of us mums were dabbing a tear from our eyes. The dinner was held at Tregenna Castle, the sun was still out and up there, there are gorgeous panoramic views of St Ives and the bay and the sea. Just perfect.

I took lots of pictures, most of which are now on Facebook or texted to various family members. One of my favourites is of M and her friend Billie - they have been friends since they were 4 and they lived behind us and the fence fell down and they pushed through it and met and then discovered that they were the same age.

Now I would always like to remember them like this............

But tonight, they looked like this................
It was truly amazing seeing all those kids that I have known since they were tiny and even in prams and some even just bumps looking so sophisticated. Lovely stuff.
Oh and while I am on it - one of the topics of rooftop banter on Sunday was organising -
When I left school in 1984 I think we probably all went to the pub and smoked bensons and drank cider. There was no prom, I don't think there was even a flipping disco.
 We deprived 30 and 40 somethings are going to organise one, but the condition is that we have to wear what would have been in fashion at the given time when we were 16.
 I am guessing in my case it would have been something with ruffles and probably crushed velvet and I think my hair would have maybe been teased and backcombed with a bit of fringe sexily blocking one eye. I also think kohl eyeliner and a bit of glittery eyeshadow too just for good measure.
We will look bleddy lush.
Those kids that were there tonight wont know what's hit them when they see the photos...............really, they wont.

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