Saturday, 20 July 2013

Eyes down for a busy day and my ice cream was ansum!

So today is the start of the summer holidays. According to my fancy iPhone it's going to pee down as from Tuesday so that sounds about right really. We have had 3 weeks of scorching weather but nothing lasts for ever. Apart from the bingo last night - I thought it would never end............
There were some serious bingoers there last night and they weren't going to take any crap off a pretender such as myself. I did explain before I started that I was a bingo virgin and my banter may have lacked a few times but we got through it - eventually. I am doing it again tomorrow and then the normal bingo bloke is back from his hols. I am definitely more of a quizzer.
I stuck to my diet all day yesterday. Infact at one point I thought I may faint as I was so hungry.
Today has been a different matter. I have 'synned' against fat club and have abused my body.
It was hot you see, and I was gasping for an ice cream. H works at this place in the holidays and their ice creams are to die for. I nipped in and bought a sea salt caramel with a blob of clotted cream vanilla on top. It was ansum!
The words 'chinese' and 'takeaway' have been mentioned this afternoon too but tomorrow I will be seriously good and claw it back. I am removing the battery from my bathroom scales and throwing it in the bin as I really don't want to see the damage I am about to do.
Everybody worked their socks off today, I saw a few sights on the harbour, a man in a disabled trolley scooter thingy did a 3 point turn in the middle of the road and got a wheel jammed under a car and flipped like a tiddlywink. I hope he is ok - I think he is, but really as comedy accidents go, it's one of the best.
Tony the seagull has gone but Gordon and Peter are still there. I am worried about Peter - he doesn't seem to be moving much so tomorrow I am definitely phoning Jackie with the Big Glasses.
I am also not going to the roof tomorrow as I have to be a bingo caller again at night and I don't think I can handle 2 sessions in one day. I am shattered at the moment so am relishing being home tonight - Chinese or no Chinese I will be having an early night.
And in memory of a comedy genius that sadly died today I would like you all to watch this .
A funny man, who made me laugh throughout my younger years. RIP.

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