Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Old friends, New friends and was that Bradley Wiggins and lead me to the Bingo!

So what a night last night was. Brilliant banter and a brilliant crowd up at Polmanter. My friend Anne was there with her lovely family from the US of A and they were very rowdy but in a good way.
I was quite touched when I got there and a little lad ran up to me and said ''hey oop missus are you Quiz Liz'' and when I said ''yes'' he actually thrust his hips, punched the air and said ''yes''. It's nice to be loved, even if it is by 9 year old kids from Yorkshire!
A team called 'Fickheads' won and I asked everyone to be original in their choice of team names. Here are a selection of names from the last few weeks.
Norfolk Enchants
I like a quickie with Liz ( ! )
Quizteam Aquilera
The Yorkshire Terriers
Norfolk and Clue
Norma Snockers
Everyone there had a fantastic time. I loved every minute of it. I told everyone I was open to bribery, I was offered jager bombs and lots of other drinks which I surprisingly declined as it's not good to be drunk in charge of a microphone. I know this. I have done it before and I am not proud of it.
Tricky question of the night? I put a couple of stinkers in and I do love my anagrams so here goes -
'Athletic harpoons' is an anagram of which popular Northern dish?
Which Radio One DJ and presenter  found his name being used in Cockney rhyming slang from 2004 onwards?
What is the only word in the English language that ends with the letters MT?
Which Roman goddess is also a brand of margarine?
Oh and also, H reckoned Bradley Wiggins was there last night. I cant really comment on if it was him or not but he was the spitting image! I wanted to yell 'BRADLEY' to see if he turned round but I managed to contain myself.
I also met 2 posh scousers. They were from Chester but they had a hint of an accent. I am meeting them there on Friday to play Bingo. I have promised them a professional dobber pen and they have promised me that they won't wear shell suits. I am also dragging Leanne to the bingo. She is from Bristol and I have warned her that it's cut throat. She is no stranger to danger and is a bit excited about it all.

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